Survival mode

November 19, 2010

RICHMOND, Va. – When a maniacal Edge wasn’t tormenting an abducted Paul Bearer, World Heavyweight Champion Kane was seething with anger, and members of Team Rey Mysterio were colliding with members of Team Alberto Del Rio. With one of WWE’s longest running pay-per-views looming, emotions are sure to boil over this Sunday.

Team Rey Mysterio def. Team Alberto Del Rio in a 10-Man Survivor Series Showdown Battle Royal

An action-packed night culminated in all of the members of Team Mysterio tangling with their foes on Team Del Rio. At the close of the conflict, Team Del Rio’s Jack Swagger found himself battling big odds against Big Show and Rey Mysterio. After Mysterio blasted The All-American American with a 619, Big Show pushed Swagger over the top rope for the victory. Is the win a prelude to what will happen at Survivor Series?

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio Survivor Series Showdown Match ended in a No Contest

After their respective team members battled it out at the start of the night in a series of Showdown Matches, it was time for team Captains Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio to tangle. But before a winner could be determined, the match ended when Team Del Rio charged the ring and assaulted Mysterio. Just seconds later, Team Mysterio came to its captain’s aid and fended off the assailants. Putting a brief stop to the chaos, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long declared the action should continue in an official10-Man Survivor Series Showdown Battle Royal.

Alberto Del Rio clashed with MVP

At the start of the night, Survivor Series Team Captain Alberto Del Rio mixed words with MVP, challenging his claims of greatness. Despite MVP’s desire to tangle with Del Rio, the “Essence of Excellence” declared MVP would face Drew McIntyre.