By Richard Trionfo on 2010-12-03 21:58:25

We are live on tape from Norfolk, Virginia and your announcers are Michael ‘Did you know that I was a war correspondent’ Cole, Matt ‘Did you know that I was a social studies teacher’ Striker, and Todd ‘Did you know that I saved 15 percent on my insurance by using Geico’ Grisham.

There are tables, ladders, and chairs around and inside the ring as we start the show.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring as he looks at the additions to the ringside area as he connects with his young fans.

On Monday night, Sheamus was crowned the 2010 King of the Ring. Rey says that he would have loved to be King of the Ring thanks to Alberto Del Rio. We see the footage from the qualifying match between Rey and Cody Rhodes when Del Rio may have cost Rey the match.

Rey says that as much as he wanted to be King of the Ring, he is not the type to complain. Instead he takes care of business. We go to footage from Monday when Rey distracted Alberto during his match with John Morrison.

Rey says that to be a king, it is not just about power, it is not about wealth. It is about being a leader, about being fearless. It is about climbing so high that you ain’t afraid to fall. Rey climbs to the top of the ladder and he says that he sees Alberto driving around in fancy cars, but Rey says that he prefers to fly.

Speaking of driving nice cars, Alberto Del Rio makes his way into the building in a Rolls Royce. Alberto tells a member of the security force to watch the car and he gives the man a nice tip.

Alberto wants to know what Rey is doing because it is not about flying. The reason why people like Rey climbs those ladders is so they can be on his level. That is never going to happen. Alberto asks Rey if he remembers what happened the last time he was around chairs and Alberto Del Rio? He reminds Rey that he was sent to the hospital.

Rey says that he is not afraid because Alberto injured him. Rey tells Alberto that he has been injured by people who are twice the man that Alberto could ever hope to be. Rey says that he always comes back. Rey says that he is 100% and better than ever. Now that Alberto is out here and they are face to face, maybe they should take care of business right now.

Alberto tells Rey that he is such an ambitious Chihuahua as Alberto climbs the ladder.

Rey tells Alberto that he is wrong. He did not call Alberto out here with tables, ladders, and chairs to ask him. He is here to tell Alberto that no matter how rich he is, he does not make the rules on Smackdown. Rey says that he talked to Teddy Long and at TLC, it will be Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio.

Alberto says that is not going to happen because he has no reason to fight him because he already beat him. Rey punches Alberto and Alberto falls from the ladder. Alberto pushes the ladder and Rey falls to the mat. Alberto kicks Rey and then he throws Rey over the ropes but Rey stays on the apron and he sends Alberto over the top rope onto a table. Rey with a leg drop off the apron that sends Del Rio through the table.