By Richard Trionfo on 2010-12-21 23:01:06

We are live from San Antonio, Texas and your announcers are Matt ‘Can I be Mark Harmon tonight’ Striker, Michael ‘Tuesday Not Titans’ Cole, and Josh ‘I need a diet soda’ Mathews.

We are back and remember that you can watch Tribute to the Troops tomorrow night on USA Network featuring a six man tag match with Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and Wade Barrett against John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton.

We are back and we see a photo of Alberto Del Rio being knocked off a ladder through two tables on Sunday night in the TLC Match.

Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger versus Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston

Del Rio and Mysterio start things off but Swagger and Kofi get face to face and Swagger pushes Kofi to the floor and that allows Del Rio to sneak up on Rey and hits him. Del Rio with a snap mare and he goes for the mask and kicks Rey in the back before getting a near fall. Swagger tags in and he punches Rey. Del Rio tags back in and he kicks Rey again. Alberto with an Irish whip but Rey floats over and Rey with a head scissors. Kofi tags in and he hits a running forearm into the corner. Kofi with a near fall. Rey tags back in and hits a springboard seated splash for a near fall. Kofi tags back in and he hits a missile drop kick for a near fall and Swagger gets involved. The referee warns Swagger while Del Rio kicks Kofi. Del Rio tries for a splash in the ropes but Kofi moves and Alberto goes to the floor. Swagger tries to attack Kofi but Kofi moves and Rey pulls the ropes down and Swagger goes to the floor as well. Kofi and Rey go up top and hit cross bodies on Alberto and Jack as we go to commercial.

We are back and things are calmed down a lot with Alberto having Rey grounded in a reverse chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Swagger crotched Rey. Del Rio kicks Rey in the ribs and gets a near fall. Swagger tags in and he punches Rey in the ribs and then drops a knee on Rey. Swagger with a slam and then he sets for the double jump Swagger bomb and hits it but he can only get a near fall. Swagger with a bear hug to Rey and he swings Rey around like a doll.

Rey with punches to escape followed by a kick. Rey tries to make the tag by jumping over Swagger but Swagger throws Rey into the corner. Swagger charges at Rey but he is sent head first into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Kofi tags in and he hits a cross body followed by chops and a drop kick. Swagger gets his feet up when Kofi charges at him. Swagger gets a near fall on Kofi. Del Rio tags back in and he kicks Kofi in the ribs.

Del Rio with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Del Rio mocks Kofi’s set up for Trouble in Paradise and Kofi with punches to Alberto but Alberto kicks Kofi. Alberto talks to the referee to allow Swagger to punch Kofi. Swagger tags back in and he puts Kofi in a front face lock. Kofi tries to get to his corner but Swagger fights off the attempt. Swagger sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and then Irish whips Kofi but Kofi with a cross body and both men are down. Kofi tries to make the tag to Rey but Swagger grabs the ankle. Del Rio is tagged in and Rey tags in too. Rey with a seated senton splash followed by a DDT for a near fall. Rey with a kick to Del Rio’s head and he gets a near fall.

Del Rio charges into a boot from Rey but Alberto with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Alberto with a kick to the head and he tries for a slam but Rey gets out of the hold. Rey with a drop kick to the back and he falls into the ropes. Swagger makes the tag and he hits Rey with a body block and gets a near fall. Swagger tries for the Doctor Bomb but Rey gets out of the hold. Rey arm drags Swagger into the ropes. Del Rio goes into the ropes and Rey hits a 619 on both men. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Swagger and Rey hits a springboard dive onto Swagger for the three count.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston