Tennessee titan

January 10, 2011

NASHVILLE – When the country music capital offered a hearty “howdy” to the Raw roster, the Superstars returned the hospitality by offering up matches that were as fine as a fiddle, a host of Nexus initiations that looked as painful as a porcupine patch and one of the most “Showstopping” announcements in the whole darn history of WWE.

Shawn Michaels announced as 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee

The first 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee will be … Shawn Michaels! Although his induction has always been a foregone conclusion, HBK’s return to Raw still left everyone in the WWE Universe overwhelmed. Everyone, perhaps, except mouthy Mexican Alberto Del Rio. After criticizing The Showstopper, Del Rio felt pretty smug until the future Hall of Famer demonstrated just why he will be inducted into the esteemed hall – he leveled Del Rio with Sweet Chin Music!

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth by Count-out

La Verdad, or “The Truth” in Spanish, suffered another setback. For the second time in as many weeks, Alberto Del Rio emerged victorious in a bout against R-Truth. The Truth began to unravel when the SmackDown Superstar’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, distracted him with taunts. After punishing Rodriguez, Truth could not manage a return to the ring in time to beat the 10-count.

Afterward, the Mexican aristocrat once again berated the American audience and vowed that he would win the Royal Rumble to headline at WrestleMania.