By Richard Trionfo on 2011-03-11 22:00:35

We are live on tape from Houston, Texas and your announcers are Michael ‘Since we are in Booker’s home town, tonight’s show is all about me’ Cole, Josh ‘Since we are in Booker’s home town, I can dig it. . . Sucka!!!’ Mathews, and Booker ‘Tell me you did not just say that’ T.

The current World Champion, Edge comes to the ring to talk to the people of Houston as well as the WWE Universe.

In case you missed last week’s show we see highlights of the contract signing ceremony and Michael Cole tells us that Edge ‘shot first’ and then we see Christian going after Alberto Del Rio, and tangentially to help Edge.

Edge looks at the Wrestlemania sign and tells Alberto twenty-three days. In twenty-three days they will meet for the World Title at Wrestlemania. He says that a little blood and a busted nose is not going to stop him. He asks Alberto if he knows who he is and what he had to get through to get here. Edge says that he is not looking for a match, he wants a fight. Edge tells Alberto that he is not giving him a choice or an option.

If he does not come out, he will find him. Edge says that he does not care if it is a parking lot, a hotel room, or a bingo hall . . . he will find Alberto. He wants to make sure that Alberto understands.

Alberto’s music plays and he does not drive out. He is accompanied by Brodus Clay. Alberto asks Edge who does he think he is to call him out. He wants to know if Edge knows who he is.

Edge says that he is a Ricky Martin lookalike who is trying to reform Menudo with King Hippo. He tells Alberto that he is a cocky, egotistical, arrogant coward.

Alberto says that he is the man who sends Edge home every week in pain. He is Alberto Del Rio and he is with Brodus Clay. Alberto says that he is the man who is going to replace Edge’s legacy with his destiny.

Alberto and Brodus enter the ring and we have a stare down before Alberto says that he will become the new World Champion at Wrestlemania.

Edge punches Del Rio and then he goes after Clay. Edge punches Del Rio but Clay with a clothesline. Alberto punches Edge and hits him with his scarf. Clay sends Edge’s shoulder into the ring post.

Christian’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he punches Clay and then he takes Del Rio down and he punches him. Clay with a running shoulder to Christian. Del Rio punches Edge while Clay punches Christian.

Referees come to the ring and then Teddy Long’s music plays and he comes out. Teddy is not in a dancing mood and he says that after last week’s contract signing and what just happened, it appears that they still have some issues. Tonight will be one of the most historic nights in the history of Smackdown. Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio will face one of the greatest tag teams ever, reunited for the first time in ten years, Edge and Christian.

Christian is in the locker room getting ready for his match and Matt Striker stops by to get some comments from Christian about reforming his tag team with Edge. Christian points out that it has been ten years. A lot of things can happen in ten years. Christian runs down all of the technological breakthroughs that we have seen in that time. Christian says that we haven’t seen the two guys who started this decade off right. We haven’t seen the two guys who reeked of awesomeness. That was then and this is now. He tells Alberto Del Rio and Houston . . . we have a problem.

Edge stops by and they go to the ring for their match.

Match Number Six: Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Edge and Christian

Clay and Christian start things off and Christian with punches to Clay and then he goes after Del Rio. Christian with a kick and punch to Clay as he avoids the big man until Clay can send him into the turnbuckles. Clay misses a charge into the corner and Christian goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT, but Del Rio distracts Christian and Clay is able to connect with a shoulder to stop Christian.

Clay punches Christian and then he hits a t-bone suplex. Christian goes to the floor and Edge goes to check on him. The referee sends Edge back to his corner and Del Rio sends Christian into the ringside barrier. Edge chases Del Rio around the ring and Alberto jumps into the crowd to avoid Edge.

Clay brings Christian back into the ring and Clay hits an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Clay with a slam and then he tags in Del Rio who kicks Christian in the ribs and he gets a near fall. Del Rio punches Christian and the referee warns him. Del Rio with an arm bar on Christian but Christian gets to his feet and he punches Del Rio. Del Rio stops Christian with kicks and forearms and then he kicks Christian while he is in the ropes and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio takes the tape on Christian’s injured shoulder and he wraps it around the rope.

Del Rio puts Christian on the turnbuckles, but Christian with punches and a kick. Christian with a back elbow off the turnbuckles and both men are down. Both men struggle to make the tag. Clay tags in and so does Edge. Edge with a clothesline followed by a cross body but Clay catches Edge and he hits a power slam but Edge kicks out. Clay with an Irish whip but Clay charges and is sent into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Edge knocks Del Rio off the apron.

Edge pulls at the hair and he sets for the spear but he runs into a shoulder from Clay. Clay pulls Edge into the corner for a running butt splash but Clay misses when Edge moves out of the way. Del Rio interferes with a shot to the back but Christian comes in to take care of Del Rio. Del Rio with a knee and then he sends Christian into the corner. Del Rio charges at Christian but Christian back body drops Del Rio to the floor. Clay charges into boots from Christian and then Christian with a tornado DDT and Edge hits an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle for the three count.

Winners: Edge and Christian

We go to credits with Edge and Christian celebrating in the ring.