SmackDown results: A “Capitol” offense

BY Michael Burdick

June 17, 2011

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – Just two nights before WWE’s newest pay-per-view Capitol Punishment unleashes its fury on the WWE Universe, Sheamus fell to Christian in a brutal bid to grab his place at the golden table. And the fierce tempers of World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and Big Show threatened to rock SmackDown to its very foundations.

Big Show went berserk

After Alberto Del Rio claimed he would spit in the face of Big Show if he were standing in front of him, the furious World’s Largest Athlete nearly broke SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long’s earlier order not to lay a finger on his aristocratic adversary. When the giant charged to the ring, focused on attacking his Capitol Punishment opponent, Del Rio quickly retreated into the crowd and up the stairs, leaving the irate giant to rip apart the ringside area.