SmackDown results: Teddy Long – key holder to the WWE Universe?

BY Mitch Passero

October 07, 2011

BILOXI, Miss. – The one-year anniversary of SmackDown on Syfy included the return of an angry Big Show, more reactions surrounding the Raw walkout, and a message from the EVP of Talent Relations about the importance of maintaining order on Friday nights.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara “Azul”

After earning the right to be called Sin Cara at WWE Hell in a Cell, The Mexican Sensation tangled with fellow Mexican Superstar, WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio for the first time ever. Despite a valiant effort, Sin Cara “Azul” was forced to tap out to Del Rio’s cross armbreaker. After the match, Sin Cara “Negro” charged to the ring and attacked Sin Cara “Azul,” leaving him writhing in pain after a leap from the top rope. Despite what went down at WWE Hell in a Cell, clearly there is unfinished business between the two masked Superstars.

ARaw walkout will continue

The night started with a group of Superstars explaining why they walked out on Raw, citing an unsafe work environment. David Otunga went as far as saying they are also prepared to walk out of SmackDown, unless Triple H steps down from running day-to-day operations. The last to speak for the group was Del Rio, who said he inspired everyone to walk out on Raw. The WWE Champion then declared that none of them will appear on Raw again until Triple H steps down from running Raw, and that he’s eager to compete on SmackDown. Hearing enough, Teddy Long emerged and ended all the talk by announcing two matches for the night: the tag team main event, as well as Del Rio vs. Sin Cara.