SmackDown results: Mexican Stand-off

BY Michael Burdick

October 21, 2011

MEXICO CITY – Just two days before the smoldering fires of Vengeance explode their way through the WWE Universe, SmackDown set Mexico City ablaze – as part of WWE’s first television tapings in the country’s history.

Big Show def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio by Disqualification

After escaping Alberto Del Rio’s cross armbreaker, Big Show looked ready to finish off The Mexican Aristocrat with the chokeslam. Before he could, however, the disruptive Ricardo Rodriguez flew towards the giant from the top rope, bringing about the disqualification.

The World’s Largest Athlete responded by delivering the WMD to the impulsive ring announcer – as well as to his reeling hometown opponent. The carnage didn’t stop there. When World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry emerged and charged his gigantic No. 1 contender, Big Show hit The World’s Strongest Champion with his third WMD of the night, sending him crashing to the canvas with incredible force.

What will happen when Big Show challenges Henry for the World Title this Sunday at Vengeance?

Mexico City voted for WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio to face Big Show

Returning home to Mexico with the WWE Championship in his grasp, Alberto Del Rio promised to successfully defend his title against John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match this Sunday at Vengeance. However, when The Mexican Aristocrat insisted that an altercation with Cena on Raw had left him too injured to face his scheduled SmackDown opponent Big Show, GM Theodore Long suggested he was just too scared to take on The World’s Largest Athlete.

After an incensed Del Rio claimed he would put the giant in his cross armbreaker and make him tap out, Teddy Long asked the Mexican members of the WWE Universe if the match should go on as planned. When the crowd responded with a resounding applause, the main event was set in stone.