WWE Raw SuperShow results: Mexican standoff

BY Ryan Murphy

October 17, 2011

MEXICO CITY — The first-ever Raw SuperShow in Mexico was also the first event with Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis in full power, so the WWE Universe knew to expect some controversy. What they didn’t expect was a public apology.

John Cena & Jim Ross def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole

The near-60-year-old Jim Ross was in no rush to step into the ring, but that wasn’t a problem tonight. Feeling determined going into his match against Alberto Del Rio on Sunday, John Cena dominated The Mexican Aristocrat to the point that he tagged off to Michael Cole and fled the ring. Unable to talk himself out of this one, the sniveling announcer was smashed by the West Newbury, Mass. native. After delivering a massive Attitude Adjustment, Cena tagged out to his partner and let Good Ol’ J.R. finish Cole with a wrenching ankle lock submission.

Now able to choose the stipulation for his bout against the WWE Champion on Sunday, Cena smashed Del Rio on the arena floor, delivering a huge Attitude Adjustment to The Mexican Aristocrat before battering him with with the steel ring steps. The powerful Superstar then grabbed a microphone and counted to 10. It was a brutal preview of the type of contest the challenger had selected for Vengeance — a Last Man Standing Match.

Main event stipulation announced

Confronted by a livid Alberto Del Rio in the locker room of Mexico City’s Palacio de los Deportes, John Laurinaitis promised there was a method to the main event he placed the WWE Champion in tonight — the winner of the tag bout will be able to select the stipulation for the WWE Title Match between Del Rio and John Cena at Vengeance.

Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis apologized to Jim Ross

Many WWE fans were surprised by the words that came out of John Laurinaitis’ mouth in Mexico City — “I’m sorry.” Admitting that thousands of incendiary Twitter messages from the WWE Universe helped him realize that it was wrong to fire Jim Ross last Monday night, (WATCH) the Interim Raw General Manager invited the WWE Hall of Famer into the ring and apologized for his public termination. Mr. Laurinaitis did not welcome J.R. back to the announce booth, though. Instead, he declared a special main event for tonight — John Cena & Jim Ross vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole.