Raw results: Pink slipped

BY Greg Adkins

July 18, 2011

GREEN BAY – It was an 11th hour stay of execution. Arguably the most popular Superstar in WWE had his head on the chopping block, but just before Mr. McMahon could bring down the axe, a returning Superstar shocked The Chairman – and the WWE Universe - and delivered the mother of all pink slips.

Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler in a WWE Title Tournament Match

Rey Mysterio was this close to snatching the briefcase the night before during his first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Unfortunately for him, Alberto Del Rio yanked off his mask causing the proud luchador to falter. Against Dolph Ziggler, however, The Master of the 619 managed to save face. In the WWE Championship Tournament, Mysterio bested the blond bomber to advance.

Kofi Kingston def. Alberto Del Rio in a WWE Title Tournament Match

Alberto Del Rio may have hit Kofi Kingston like a piñata during their WWE Championship Tournament Match, but the only thing that poured out was anger and fury. The Mexican Aristocrat, who has a pretty sweet Plan B after winning Raw’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match the night before, failed to advance in the tournament after The Dreadlock Dynamo utilized his athleticism to triumphant effect.