Raw results: Title wave

BY Greg Adkins

July 25, 2011

HAMPTON, Va. – The McMahon Era has ended, giving birth to the era of Triple H. On The Game’s first night as the Big Man on Canvas, the WWE Universe witnessed the return of both a WWE Hall of Famer and an electrifying Superstar as well as, not one, but two WWE Champions. On second thought, make that three. Oh, yeah, this should be interesting.

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

Alberto Del Rio quickly figured out that coasting on your accomplishments is the quickest course to obscurity in WWE. In the wake of his astounding Money in the Bank victory, The Mexican Aristocrat dropped focus in an upset loss to Kofi Kingston last week. This week, however, Mr. Money in the Bank came correct, halting his slide as well as any momentum for The Dreadlock Dynamo.

Rey Mysterio def. The Miz to become the WWE Champion

First things first. When Raw went off the air the week before, there remained unfinished business to attend to, namely determining a new WWE Champion. After eight Superstars were whittled down to two during a WWE Championship Tournament, only Rey Mysterio and The Miz remained. To kick off tonight’s show, the pair clashed in a frenzied contest that eventually saw The Master of the 619 capture his first ever WWE Championship.

His title reign got off to a tumultuous start. After the match, Rey’s petulant opponent, apparently unable to keep his A.D.D. in check, ambushed the freshly-minted champion before stomping off. As if Miz’s outburst weren’t enough, Mr. Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio, then appeared, hoping to cash in his contract. Before he could, however, the new champion flew over the top rope onto his attacker, which sent The Mexican Aristocrat reeling and fleeing up the entrance ramp.