Raw results: Executive decision

BY Ryan Murphy

August 02, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS — In his first days as WWE’s Chief Operating Officer, Triple H was faced with one of the most complex problems in the company’s storied history — who is the real WWE Champion? Is it CM Punk — the Superstar who beat John Cena for the title at WWE Money in the Bank before leaving the company, only to return a week later with the championship in hand? Or is it Cena — the man who defeated Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title on the same night the masked Superstar won a tournament for the supposedly vacant championship? After considering both cases for some time, The Game finally hit upon a vital fact — the most important choices aren’t made in a boardroom, they’re decided in the ring.

Alberto Del Rio def. Evan Bourne

He has enormous wealth, fancy cars and the Money in the Bank briefcase, but Alberto Del Rio still operates like a man with something to prove. Why else would The Mexican Aristocrat apply a bone snapping armbar to Evan Bourne long after he defeated the high-flyer in the ring? Looking to send a message to the locker room, the arrogant Superstar nearly broke Bourne’s arm until Kofi Kingston stormed the ring and chased Del Rio — and his lackey Ricardo Rodriguez — out of the arena.