Raw results: Hostile negotiations

BY Ryan Murphy

August 08, 2011

SAN JOSE — With only six days to go before WWE Champion John Cena faces WWE Champion CM Punk for the Undisputed WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Triple H made it clear that there will be only one titleholder at the end of the night. The lengths WWE’s new COO went to tonight in order to guarantee a fair outcome shocked the entire WWE Universe.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio

Irate, but unsurprised by Triple H’s announcement earlier in the evening, CM Punk stated that the COO would be wise to stay out of his way at SummerSlam. But, for now, The Straight Edge Superstar was focused on an immediate challenge — Alberto Del Rio.

Following Cena’s victory over Swagger, Punk knew he had to come up big in his match against The Mexican Aristocrat. After all, how would it look if the controversial competitor was beaten mere days before the biggest bout of his career? Rising to the occasion, Punk was vicious against the Money in the Bank winner, picking Del Rio apart with blistering strikes before putting him to bed with the Go To Sleep. If Cena sent Punk a message before, “the voice of the voiceless” responded here.