Raw results: California scheming

BY James Wortman

August 15, 2011

SAN DIEGO – Still reeling from the contentious conclusion of SummerSlam, the WWE Universe received little in the way of clarity from WWE’s Chief Operating Officer Triple H, whose officiating miscue during the anticipated Undisputed WWE Championship Match at The Biggest Event of the Summer was the first of several injustices to befall former WWE Champions John Cena and CM Punk at the STAPLES Center.

Yet, 24 hours removed from a shocking series of events that resulted in Alberto Del Rio’s Money in the Bank-assisted WWE Championship victory, Raw was host to the newly minted champion’s first-ever title defense against longtime nemesis and 619 native Rey Mysterio.

Undisputed WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio

Three weeks after winning – and losing – the WWE Championship in a single night on Raw, Rey Mysterio wanted nothing more than to reclaim the illustrious prize in the heart of the San Diego. After nailing Del Rio in the face with his iconic 619, it seemed as though The Ultimate Underdog would begin his second WWE Title reign in his hometown, live on Raw. However, as Mysterio soared through the air to further punish Del Rio with a diving splash, the defending champion countered by getting his knees up.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio - WWE Championship Match The Mexican Aristocrat wasn’t satisfied with simply pinning Mysterio and defending his new title. After putting down Rey-Rey for the three-count, Del Rio ruthlessly applied his tendon-snapping cross armbreaker submission hold. If John Cena hadn’t charged the ring to chase off the arrogant aggressor, Del Rio would have no doubt broken Mysterio’s arm. The scheming Superstar fled to the entrance ramp with his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, but The Cenation Commander-in-Chief assured the dastardly titleholder that his days as Undisputed WWE Champion were numbered.

“You are not a champion,” Cena warned. “You’re a target.”

Triple H addressed his officiating mistake at SummerSlam; introduced Undisputed WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio

When The Game counted Cena’s shoulders to the mat at SummerSlam and named Punk the Undisputed WWE Champion, it was pretty obvious that the Cenation leader’s foot was on the bottom rope. The crowd saw it, the announcers saw it, the ring crew saw it and millions of viewers watching at home saw it – but The Cerebral Assassin did not. The WWE COO kicked off Raw to acknowledge his mistake as the bout’s special guest referee, but since there has never been instant replay in WWE, he would not reverse his hotly contested decision.

As for his friend Kevin Nash’s post-match assault on The Second City Savior that allowed Del Rio to capitalize and steal a WWE Title win, Triple H had no explanation. Nash had asked for skybox tickets and The Game provided them, but The Cerebral Assassin denied any involvement in what transpired after the SummerSlam main event. Big Daddy Cool would appear later on Raw to speak for himself.

The King of Kings then introduced another individual who takes great pleasure in speaking for himself: Undisputed WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio! Affirming that he just couldn’t resist cashing in his Money in the Bank contract after Nash’s ring-shaking Jackknife Powerbomb left The Straight Edge Superstar in a daze, The Mexican Aristocrat vowed to deliver a crushing defeat to San Diego’s own Rey Mysterio later in the night, preventing The Master of the 619 from bringing the prestigious title home to San Diego.