WWE Raw SuperShow results: Superstars, employees unite against Triple H

BY James Wortman

October 03, 2011

LAFAYETTE, La. – WWE Hell in a Cell ended on a sour note for WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, but the controversial occurrences just one night later on WWE Raw SuperShow threatened both The King of Kings’ career and the very future of WWE.

Raw Superstars, WWE officials and other employees vote “no confidence” in WWE COO Triple H

Although Triple H has never been all that interested in making friends, his allies were truly few and far between during an emotionally charged vote of no confidence in his leadership ability. While not legally binding, this means that The Game is not fit to lead and must, essentially, surrender the day-to-day responsibilities of running Raw.

Following a voicing of grievances from the likes of Wade Barrett, referee Mike Chioda, WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and recently injured WWE Hall of Fame commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler, Superstars, Divas, referees, broadcasters and cameramen alike walked up the ramp in protest of the COO. Lawler’s longtime broadcast partner and fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross – who coined Triple H’s “Cerebral Assassin” moniker – was the last to make his exit, leaving the COO alone in the middle of the ring.

John Laurinaitis appeared on the entrance ramp, and it seemed as though the EVP of Talent Relations would offer his fellow WWE executive some form of consolation. Instead, he merely shook his head and left The Game to ponder what had just transpired.

John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom & Mason Ryan def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & David Otunga

Enemies collided and rivalries were reborn in this massive 12-man tag team main event, scheduled earlier in the night by Triple H. Immensely proud of his tainted WWE Title win on Sunday, Alberto Del Rio once again took the fight to his Hell in a Cell opponents John Cena and CM Punk, who led the charge against The Mexican Aristocrat and a veritable “who’s who” of WWE’s most devious competitors.

In the end, The “Great White” Sheamus – who soundly defeated Christian one night early – scored a victory for his team with a well-timed Brogue Kick to U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler.

A coalition of Superstars threatened legal action against Triple H

Former Superstars The Miz and R-Truth were taken away in handcuffs after assaulting John Cena, CM Punk, newly crowned WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and several WWE officials and cameramen at WWE Hell in a Cell, but their arrest hasn’t deterred them from tormenting Triple H. The pair filed assault charges against the COO Monday morning after he pummeled them while they were handcuffed by police, and WWE’s EVP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis seemed confident that Harvard-educated legal guru David Otunga was responsible for the litigation. Otunga evaded Laurinaitis’ accusatory questioning, but nevertheless validated the former Superstars’ grievances.

At the urging of Vickie Guerrero, a somber Del Rio, Christian, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler presented their case to the WWE Universe, while Otunga encouraged all Superstars to contemplate legal action against Triple H for creating an unsafe working environment.

The group’s complaints didn’t sit well with the COO, who refused to dignify the legal threats. Instead, he reminded Del Rio, Christian, Rhodes, Swagger, Ziggler and Otunga that they’re in WWE to compete – not complain – and would participate in a 12-Man Tag Team Match against WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom, Mason Ryan, Sheamus, CM Punk and John Cena!