By Richard Trionfo on 2011-01-19 03:06:27

We start off with a look at the misadventures of Conor O’Brian and his rat like behavior and the hatred that Ricardo Rodriguez has for Conor. Then we go to the Bellas and Daniel Bryan as well as the Derrick Bateman double date from WCW creative. Then there is Byron Saxton and his new pro Dolph Ziggler because Dolph was never a fan of the well dressed man (from the waist up). Brodus Clay and Ted DiBiase are also having issues because Ted feels that Brodus is not showing him the respect that he deserves for losing to everyone in WWE and being berated by Maryse. What will happen this week because we have another elimination to deal with.

We are live on tape on the internet and your announcers are Todd ‘Derrick Bateman gets on Raw, but I can’t’ Grisham and Josh ‘How many days until Tough Enough returns’ Mathews and your host is Matt ‘This is your brain on NXT’ Striker.

Matt Striker is in the ring and he brings out the rookies with their pros. It is time to see how well the rookies know their pros because they will be the tag team partner of the winner of NXT. Matt reminds us that Derrick Bateman has 4 immunity points and everyone else has nothing. This challenge is worth four immunity points.

It is time to play How Well Do You Know Your Pro. The pros will be asked a question and the rookie will guess their answer. The first question is ‘When I first saw my rookie, I thought ********.

Johnny Curtis goes first and his answer is ‘Impressive’. Truth’s answer was ‘cool’ so we have no match.

Byron Saxton’s answer is ‘tan’. Dolph’s answer was ‘Carlton from Fresh Prince’.

Derrick Bateman’s answer is ‘the great city of Tulsa, Oklahoma’. Daniel Bryan said ‘Tulsa, Oklahoma’.

Conor O’Brian’s answer is ‘he looked strange’. Alberto’s answer was ‘a rat’.

Brodus Clay’s answer is ‘large’. Ted’s answer was ‘out of shape’.

Derrick Bateman is in the lead right now.

The next question is ‘If your rookie had to pursue a career outside of sports entertainment, what would that career be?’

Byron Saxton is first and his answer is ‘singer’. Dolph’s answer was ‘Lifetime Network News Anchor’.

Derrick Bateman’s answer is ‘the Next Steve Blackman’. Bryan’s answer is ‘Steve Blackman’.

Conor O’Brian’s answer is ‘circus worker’. Alberto’s answer is ‘My Employ’.

Brodus’ answer is ‘bodyguard’. Ted’s answer is ‘bodyguard’.

Johnny Curtis’ answer is ‘NXT commentator’. Truth’s answer is ‘dancing or acting’.

The next question is What is the biggest area of improvement for their rookie in order to become the next breakout star.

Brodus is first and his answer is ‘listening’. Ted’s answer is ‘learn to listen’.

Conor’s answer is ‘listening’. Alberto’s answer is ‘looks’.

Derrick’s answer is ‘chicks and America’. Daniel’s answer is ‘Chicks and America’.

Byron’s answer is ‘to be more like Dolph Ziggler’. Dolph’s answer is more ‘dream journal entries and be more tan’

Johnny’s answer is ‘be more noticed’. Truth’s answer is ‘confidence’.

The winner is Derrick Bateman who swept the contest.

Dolph Ziggler claims that it is rigged.

That means that Derrick Bateman has eight immunity points and he cannot be caught unless there is an eight point challenge later.

Match Number Three: Ricardo Rodriguez versus Conor O’Brian

O’Brian with a clothesline to Rodriguez and Ricardo goes to the floor. Ricardo begs for mercy but he bumps into the ring steps. Ricardo returns to the ring and he begs for mercy some more. O’Brian with kicks as we see Alberto Del Rio watching the match from the back. OBrian misses an elbow drop and Rodriguez with punches but O’Brian connects. O’Brian exposes one of the turnbuckles and he misses a splash when Rodriguez moves ot of the way. Rodriguez checks on O’Brian and then he falls on top of O’Brian to get the three count.

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez

After the match, Rodriguez celebrates but he hits the exposed turnbuckle and he may have injured his back.

It is time for the pros to make the final vote before elimination as we go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Striker gets us ready for the next elimination. Since Derrick Bateman is safe this week, Matt wants to get Derrick’s thoughts on who should be eliminated. Derrick says that everyone is talented but the man who should go is the man with the most punchable face and that is Byron Saxton.

We go to the Random Generated Eliminatron Version 4.0 and the rookie who is eliminated is Conor O’Brian. Conor gets to say his goodbyes. He says that it has been real and it has been fun, but it has not been real fun. Ricardo announces the elimination in Spanish. Conor tells Ricardo that he can kiss his rat tail and wants to know who Ricardo thinks he is. Ricardo responds that he is the winner tonight. Conor chases Ricardo to the back. Conor comes back out and says that everyone sucks and the rat has left the building. Conor rolls under the ring to try to get some of Hornswoggle’s pot of cheese.