Can Randy Orton fight a battle on two fronts against dual rivals Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett?

November 02, 2012

After defeating Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton may have assumed that The Mexican Aristocrat was in his rearview mirror, as he began to resume his longstanding rivalry with the brutal Wade Barrett. But on the Nov. 2 edition of SmackDown, Del Rio once again interfered in Orton’s match with the British bare-knuckle brawler, both prior to the hard-fought contest and at its critical conclusion. This ultimately helped Barrett to pick up another huge victory over the nine-time World Champion.

Del Rio’s controversial interference immediately led to an incredible and messy backstage melee, resulting in the announcement that Orton will take on the affluent Superstar in a Falls Count Anywhere Match this Tuesday on SuperSmackDown LIVE on Syfy from Birmingham, England.

But as his conflict with Barrett seems far from settled, the question arises: Can Orton fight a war on two fronts against both Del Rio and the Barrett Barrage?

Indeed, in the midst of a major Tuesday match booked against the savvy and opportunistic Mexican Aristocrat, who’s taken to calling himself “WWE’s new Apex Predator,” Orton could very well have to deal with the powerful and brutal Superstar from Preston, England, too. After all, Barrett has now defeated Orton on the Oct. 26 and Nov. 2 editions of SmackDown. And though Barrett fell to The Viper on Raw on Oct. 29, he remains a very dangerous man and it’s clear that he may be looking to further engage Orton, especially in his home country.

To complicate matters further, Orton has recently been named as part of Team Foley in a Survivor Series showdown against Team Punk. With so many huge challenges ahead of him, the threat of dangerous rivals like Del Rio and Barrett could be overwhelming, even for The Viper. Although the WWE Universe knows he’s one of the toughest Superstars in history, and he’s always ready for a fight, this might be an occasion for him to enlist a partner to even the odds.

Although The Viper hasn’t always played nice with others, he has had several successful collaborations. He joined forces with Edge to form the formidable Rated-RKO, was a key member of the legendary Evolution and led the next-generation faction Legacy.

Perhaps pairing up with a Superstar like former World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, who has had his own issues with Del Rio and Barrett, could help Orton overcome his rivals. Also, considering how well he teamed up with Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara on the Oct. 31 edition of WWE Main Event, perhaps he could work together with one or both of the highfliers to lend a hand in his conflicts with The Mexican Aristocrat and the British bruiser. A fellow Team Foley member, such as the massive and dominant Ryback, would certainly level the playing field.

But would WWE’s Apex Predator do that? Would WWE’s known lonely man enlist the help of another Superstar? It seems just as likely he will face his battles alone, no matter how many, no matter the odds.

Regardless of whether he enlists support, there is no doubt that Randy Orton is a presence to be reckoned with. And considering his temper, perhaps the coming weeks will show that Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett are the ones who should be looking for backup.