Raw results: Ryback feasts in Birmingham, Survivor Series gets shaken up

November 05, 2012

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston def. Alberto Del Rio

Survivor Series competitors clashed in Birmingham when the freewheeling Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston stood toe to toe against the fuming Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw. Del Rio, still stewing over the beating he received last Friday from Randy Orton, came out swinging against “The Wildcat,” employing his time-honored strategy of weakening his opponents’ right arm in anticipation of his signature Cross Armbreaker.

Kofi, however, came prepared, refusing to cede the technical advantage to The Mexican Aristocrat and forcing Del Rio to employ a blunter physical strategy as the contest wore on. The Essence of Excellence responded in kind, grounding Kofi before softening him up with stomps and strikes. The strategy robbed the Intercontinental Champion of his signature high-flying offense.

Del Rio’s work paid off and eventually opened the door for him to work on Kofi’s arm, but Kingston rallied nicely, countering the Cross Armbreaker and planting The Mexican Aristocrat with the SOS. A missed springboard seemed to turn the tide in Del Rio’s favor once again, though, but Orton’s music stole the opulent one’s attention, allowing Kofi to roll Del Rio for a quick pin while he waited for The Viper to materialize.

True to form, however, Orton was simply waiting for the opportune moment: While Del Rio raged in the ring following his loss, Orton slithered onto the mat and planted The Essence of Excellence with an RKO that shook Birmingham to its core.