SmackDown Results: Del Rio ‘Falls’ to The Viper as SuperSmackDown LIVE powers its way into Birmingham

BY Michael Burdick

November 06, 2012

Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Last Friday, after Alberto Del Rio’s distraction caused Randy Orton to lose his match against Wade Barrett, The Viper engaged The Mexican Aristocrat in a fierce backstage brawl. (WATCH) Then on Raw, Orton returned the favor, using his entrance music to throw Del Rio off his game long enough for Kofi Kingston to defeat him — before he dished out an RKO.

Now on SuperSmackDown LIVE, in a contest that not only encourages anarchy but also insists upon it, Randy Orton would battle Alberto Del Rio in Falls Count Anywhere Match. It was a setting where absolutely everything could be legally used as a weapon to end the fight anyplace.

The brutal showdown that ensued would stretch outside the ring, into the U.K. crowd and all over the arena — incorporating everything from chairs, garbage cans, equipment trunks, the SmackDown announce table, the ramp, a table, the unforgiving steel ring post and everything else in sight.

When Ricardo Rodriguez made the mistake of getting involved in the explosive action, Orton hurled him into an iconic British phone booth and then unleashed a major beatdown that surely left Ricardo’s ears ringing.

Finally, when Del Rio locked in the excruciating Cross Armbreaker, it seemed as if Orton would have no choice but to tap out. That was until the resourceful Viper whacked his adversary in the head with nearby microphone, though.

In the climatic final moments of the match, Del Rio went for another steel chair assault. But WWE’s true Apex Predator countered, hitting a jaw-dropping RKO onto the steel ring steps for the definitive victory.