Another Detailed Set Of Results From WWE’s Live Event In Lisbon, Portugal

By Raj Giri November 11, 2012

Thanks to reader David Francisco for sending in these detailed results from last night’s SmackDown live event in Lisbon, Portugal:

The SmackDown World Tour made it’s last stop in Lisbon, Portugal, Saturday at 6:00 pm. Around 5500 people attended, which is good. They haven’t been here in 4 years, and the last time they did, when Triple H and Undertaker were part of the main event, only around 4000 people attended.

The show started with a 10 minute delay due to, I guess, some technical difficulties with the video system. There was no video entrances in the first half of the show, and the videos on the second half were having a little trouble. Weird, WWE shows always start on time.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

Ricardo interrups Kaitlyn celebration and some cheers come out. Ricardo takes the microphone out of Chimel’s hands and we all now what’s coming. Here comes Alberto Del Rio! Everyone boos him, and the crowd was into it, which setted up the biggest pop of the night: out comes Randy Orton. It was a 20 minutes match, and not a boring match what-so-ever. Randy Orton is so much fun on house shows, and celebrates a lot more with the crowd. Maybe because he does not have to be intense in television. Ricardo got involved a lot in the match, and the crowd hated him and Alberto for that. In the end, while the referee was not looking, Ricardo was holding Orton in the corner for the Enziguri. Alberto runs for the kick but Orton steps aside and Alberto hits Ricardo. Alberto turns and receives the RKO. The crowd roared. My favorite detail of the match? Alberto Del Rio, while on the corner in his entrance, pointed to the people in the cheaper seats and said and gestured that they are poor because they don’t have the money to be at the ringside seats. Loved it.

Overall, it was a good house show. To me, it was good enough for them to want to be back. Let’s hope they do. And if you’ve never been to a live show before, try it. It is such a unique experience.

WWE House Show Results 11.10.12 - Lisbon, Portugal

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 11.11.2012

Not a full house, but the crowd was quite hot with lots of kids in the audience.

(5) Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) via RKO after Del Rio accidentally delivered an enzuigiri to Rodriguez, who was standing on the apron. Most competitive match of the night with both Superstars drawing great reactions from the audience.

SmackDown Live Event Results From Lisbon (11/10) - Big Show Defends, Swagger

By Raj Giri November 10, 2012

Thanks to reader A-Trav for sending in these results from tonight’s Smackdown live event in Lisbon, Portugal:

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio

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