Raw results: Lawler returns, Miz joins Team Foley, and Ryback and Cena stake their claim to the WWE Title

November 12, 2012

Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler

COLUMBUS, Ohio - On a night of jubilation and anticipation, Raw instead kicked off on a venomous note when Randy Orton slithered to the ring in the show’s opening minutes for a match against Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff stormed into Raw looking to make an impace before he leads a squad against The Viper and the rest of Team Foley at the fall classic, and Mr. Money in the Bank took it to The Apex Predator early and often in his statement match against the nine-time World Champion.

Ziggler, who took Orton to the limit at Night of Champions, gave Orton no quarter and showed no mercy in what was an uncommonly brutal showing from The Showoff, but a last-minute distraction spelled doom for the flashy Superstar when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez ran to the ring and attempted to distract The Apex Predator. Though Ziggler nearly achieved victory thanks to the interference from his Survivor Series lieutenants, Orton’s veteran instinct took over and The Viper rolled Mr. Money in the Bank up for a quick pin.

Business was not yet concluded for Del Rio, however. The Essence of Excellence stormed the ring and, alongside Ziggler, administered a stomping on Orton that continued unchecked until Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston sprinted to the ring to help his Team Foley comrade. The fracas then brought out Teddy Long, who, spiffy in his red suit, restored order to the chaos in his own, time-honored manner on behalf of Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero: the contest would be restarted as a (you got it) Tag Team Match.



Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio def. Randy Orton & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

Was this a harbinger of things to come at Survivor Series? The Teddy Long-mandated tag team match between Team Foley members Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston and Team Ziggler members Alberto Del Rio & Ziggler himself was a fast, furious affair that culminated in an ominious win for the wily warriors of The Showoff’s squadron.

Ziggler & Del Rio stuck to a simple game plan of double-teaming the dynamic Kingston while keeping Orton safely tucked away in his own corner, but calamity seemed certain after Orton maneuvered his way back into the match and unleashed a flurry of attacks to a seemingly stunned Del Rio. With The Mexican Aristocrat stunned, Kofi Kingston made his way back into the match, but The Dreadlocked Dynamo was himself ill-prepared for Del Rio’s resilience; the two-time WWE Champion cleaned Kofi’s clock with an enzuigiri kick that put the Intercontinental Champion down for the count of three.