The 15 Greatest Superstar Entrances

BY Bobby Melok & Jeff Laboon

#13 Alberto Del Rio

Apparently Alberto Del Rio never heard the phrase “tone it down a bit.”

Anytime Del Rio pulled into the arena in his luxury car — everything from an Audi R8 to a 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith — he earned a collective groan from the WWE Universe. It’d be hard for Del Rio to hear the boos, of course, over the sound of his incessant honking and personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez belting his praises. Draped in his trademark scarf, Del Rio would then leap onto the entrance ramp as golden sparks fell majestically from the stage. He’d shake his arms, begging everyone to soak in his greatness. On the TitanTron in the background, images of his multi-million dollar estate unfolded, full of automobiles that would make any car enthusiast blush.

It’s as if Del Rio thinks the WWE Universe doubts his vast fortune, so he decides to hammer the point home. Garish? Maybe. High-class? For sure.