By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-18 20:31:00

Welcome to’s live, ongoing WWE Survivor Series 2012 coverage from Indianapolis.

COMPLETE WWE SURVIVOR SERIES PPV COVERAGE By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-18 20:31:00

Survivor Series Elimination: Team Foley: Randy Orton & Miz & WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston & WWE Tag Team champions Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. Team Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio & David Otunga & Wade Barrett & Damien Sandow

Foley was limping TERRIBLY when he came out. I hope none of this is leading to him wrestling again, because he shouldn’t…ever. I love the guy and everything he has ever done but no more. He’s given enough of himself.

Massive Ziggler chants. How is it that WWE doesn’t hear them?

Kingston and Otunga started. Otunga retreated from an attempted kick so Kingston nailed a dive off the ropes to the floor. He tossed Otunga into the ring and scored a two count.

Daniel Bryan tagged in. Massive “Yes” chants. Otunga nailed a powerslam but tagged in Sandow. Sandow nailed a Russian Legsweep and an Elbow of Disdain. Sandow missed a charge in the corner. Bryan scored with a series of kicks to the chest but missed a KO kick. Sandow rolled out of the ring, wished his team luck and walked out.

Kane grabbed him and tossed Sandow back in. That was stupid. Why wouldn’t you want to easy win? Kane tagged in and chokeslammed Sandow and pinned him. Yep, that was pretty stupid.

Damien Sandow has been eliminated.

Bryan and Kane began arguing and shoving each other. Kane shoved Bryan over the top to the floor. That allowed Ziggler to nail the Zig Zag and pin Kane.

Kane has been eliminated.

This all caused Randy Orton and Miz to argue. Orton shoved Miz out of the way of a Ziggler attack and worked over Ziggler. He whipped out the Tully Blanchard SLINGSHOT SUPLEX!! Kingston tagged in and worked over Ziggler. Ziggler reversed a whip into the corner but was caught with a twisting monkey flip.

Kingston tagged in Bryan, who nailed a series of European uppercuts. Ziggler cut Bryan off with a knee and tagged in Barrett. Barrett beat down Bryan in the corner but was nailed with a drop toehold in the corner. Bryan missed a charging dropkick in the corner and bounced out hard. Barrett set up Bryan on the ropes, where he kicked him out to the floor.

On the floor, Barrett continued working over Bryan before bringing him back in for another two count. Team Ziggler took turns working over Bryan. Otunga nailed a pair of clotheslines for a two count. Bryan caught him in the No Lock and tapped him out.

David Otunga has been eliminated.

Del Rio entered the ring and worked over Bryan, cinching in a side chinlock. He followed up with a tiltowhirl backbreaker. Del Rio went to the top but was shoved off to the floor by Bryan. Bryan tagged in Kingston, who nailed a springboard missile clotheslineand then the Boom Drop.

Kingston set up for Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler distracted him. Kingston still nailed a reverse high cross bodyblock for a two count. Ziggler tripped Kingston as Barrett tagged in, setting up the Black Hole Slam. Barrett hit the Bullhammer on Kingston and pinned him.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated.

Orton hit the ring and dropkicked Barrett. Barrett fought back with shots to the mid-section but Orton regained control. Barrett kicked him off during a charge. Barrett went for a suplex but Orton reversed it. Bryan tagged in and nailed a ton of kicks and a missile dropkick for a two count.

Bryan nailed a series of kicks but was clotheslined over the top to the floor. Del Rio tagged in but Bryan immediately tried to tie him up into the No Lock. Del Rio scrambled to escape before it was locked in and drilled him with a series of kicks to the ribs. Del Rio drilled him with the cross armbreaker and Bryan tapped.

Daniel Bryan has been eliminated.

Miz entered the ring for the first time and worked over Del Rio. Orton tagged in but was cut off. Team Ziggler took turns working over Orton in their corner. Ziggler rebounded off the ropes but Orton shot him up high into the air, with Ziggler crashing down.

Miz made the hot tag and worked over Barrett. The crowd was into Miz’s offense. Miz nailed a leaping clothesline in the corner, took out Ziggler on the apron and came off with a flying axehandle. Miz was cut off and Barrett went for the pump handle slam but Miz slipped out and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

Wade Barrett has been eliminated.

Miz immediately drilled Del Rio for a two count. Del Rio cut him off and went to the top but Miz swept his legs out from under him. Del Rio crashed rudely into the ring. Miz missed his charging clothesline and was caught up in the corner. Del Rio nailed a backstabber and pinned Miz. That was a mistake.

Miz has been eliminated.

Orton was left against Del Rio and Ziggler.

He and Del Rio battled back and forth. Orton tried to nail Ziggler, allowing Del Rio to get the better of him. Ziggler tagged in and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

Del Rio tried to come off the ropes but was dropkicked in mid-air. Orton nailed a series of clotheslines and a powerslam. Ricardo tried to interfere, so Orton grabbed him for the hanging DDT. Del Rio nailed the backstabber but Orton kicked up at two. Foley put Mr. Socko to Ricardo outside.

Del Rio went to pick up Orton, who grabbed him for the RKO. Ziggler went for a superkick but Orton allowed him to nail Del Rio instead. Orton nailed Ziggler, sending him into the buckles and RKO’d Del Rio.

Del Rio has been eliminated.

It’s down to Orton vs, Ziggler. Orton went for the RKO but Ziggler held the ropes. Orton crashed down and Ziggler drilled him with a leaping neckbreaker for a two count. They battled back and forth. Orton, bleeding from the lip, nailed the hanging DDT.

Ziggler was out and Orton stood there. He set up for the punt kick but was caught with a superkick and Ziggler scored the pin.

Your winner and Survivor, Dolph Ziggler!

Some of the early booking made me scratch my head but a really good, hard fought match overall. Ziggler getting the must deserved clean win over a big name like Orton was way overdue and one can only hope this means they are finally going to go with the flow. Lots of good work in this one.;=3

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