Randy Orton Returns To Action, The Usos Dedicate Match To Umaga, Hakushi

By Marc Middleton | December 02, 2012

After being missing in action for a few shows, Randy Orton returned to action at last night’s SmackDown live event in Columbia, South Carolina. He defeated Alberto Del Rio.


SmackDown Live Event Results From Columbia, SC (12/1) - Fandango & Orton In Action, Big Show Defends

By Raj Giri December 02, 2012

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Chris Cushman for sending in these results from last night’s SmackDown live event in Columbia, SC:

I attended the Smackdown house show in Columbia, SC tonight. It was a pretty good show, with a pretty good turnout. They had the upper deck closed off, but the lower levels were about 1/2 full. Before the show they made an announcement that the fans would decide if Ricardo Rodriguez would get to stay at ringside with Del Rio. We were to text yes or no, with the results being revealed before the match. Tony Chimel made his way out and the show begins…

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez). Before the match, Tony Chimel revealed the results of the poll, and Rodriguez was allowed to stay, much to the dismay of the crowd. Orton got the pop of the night so far, and this was a hell of a match. Orton wins with the RKO.

Overall, it was a good show, and I’m glad I came. Really looking forward to the next one.

Biggest Pops 1) Sheamus 2) Randy Orton 3) Rey Mysterio

Most Heat 1) Alberto Del Rio 2) Damien Sandow 3) Big Show


WWE Smackdown House Show Results 12.01.12 - Columbia, SC

Posted by Ashish on 12.02.2012

Hard to guess the crowd size in such a large arena, but I’d guess about 4,000. Another hot crowd. The Twitter poll was whether Ricardo Rodriguez would be allowed at ringside for a Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio match. Tony Chimel was the announcer.

Alberto Del Rio and Roberto Rodriguez appeared on the video screens hyping Del Rio’s match with Orton.

Next was Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo was allowed to stay based on the fan vote. Orton got a huge pop.

(5) Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez). Match of the night. Orton was in control early and Del Rio tried to escape over the guardrail through the crowd. Orton caught him and pulled him back and Del Rio grabbed a security guard to try and prevent him from doing so. It was pretty funny, because I’m not sure the security guard knew what was going on. Del Rio gained the advantage and began working on Orton’s arm, setting up for the cross arm-breaker. He applied it twice using the ropes, but obviously had to break it by the five count. He got it on another time, but Orton made it to the ropes. Ricardo got in some cheap shots. Orton went for a powerslam, but Del Rio stopped short. Orton went for the RKO, but Del Rio blocked it and hit a backstabber. Later, Orton went for the Hangman DDT, but Del Rio blocked it. Del Rio charged at Orton, but Orton side-stepped it and sent Del Rio outside through the middle rope. Del Rio made it back in the ring at nine. Orton hit the powerslam, but Del Rio kicked out. Orton hit the hangman DDT (vintage Orton!), but Del Rio kicked out. Lots of nearfalls. Del Rio went for the RKO, but Orton blocked it. Del Rio applied the cross arm-breaker again, but Orton countered. Rodriguez jumped up on the apron and grabbed Orton in the corner. Del Rio went for an enziguiri, but Orton side-stepped it and he hit Rodriguez instead. Orton hit the RKO for the pin.

[ Jim’s Reax: Really good match between these two, with exciting nearfalls, even though the finish was never in doubt. Better than their PPV match a couple months back. ]

Overall, a strong show. Had a great time.


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