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BY Anthony Benigno

December 03, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara is the gift that keeps on giving, WWE Universe, as The Essence of Excellence clashed once again with his mystifying foil in a renewal of their high-octane bouts that saw the opulent Del Rio stand tall in victory this time around.

As always with Sin Cara, though, there were plenty of thrills and close calls along the way for The Mexican Aristocrat. After an early opening surge from Del Rio, Sin Cara bounced back with a pair of hiptosses that segwayed seamlessly into an armbar from The International Sensation. Del Rio rallied with ferocity, leveling Sin Cara with a series of shoulders to the masked man’s gut but lost his momentum when Sin Cara responded with his eccentric, unpredictable offense.

The two Mexican icons stood neck and neck as the contest progresed, as Sin Cara countered Del Rio’s power strikes with whirling lucha attacks, including a hurricanrana off the apron that sent Del Rio flying into the barricade.

Del Rio turned the tide when he swatted Sin Cara out of the air and sent him flying into the barricade, repaying the masked man’s attack from earlier and leaving Sin Cara stewing in the ring. The Essence of Excellence attempted to add insult to injury when he nearly unmasked Sin Cara, following up with a belly-to-back suplex that still wasn’t enough to put the tag team standout away. Sin Cara followed up with a thudding tornado DDT and a soaring crossbody that kept The Mexican Aristocrat down for a two count.

Signaling for victory, Sin Cara prepared to put The Essence of Excellence down, but Del Rio countered with the Cross Armbreaker and forced his dynamic opponent to tap immediately.

Advantage: Del Rio, but let no one say he walked away with it.