Raw results: Chaos reigns as The Shield attacks Cena, Team Rhodes Scholars reunites

BY Anthony Benigno

December 10, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Zack Ryder

Rolling in a set of bright blue wheels that would cost a less opulent man his annual salary, Alberto Del Rio strolled ino Newark with victory on his mind. But The Mexican Aristocrat didn’t exactly waltz away with a notch in the win column, as he met a tough test in the form of a Broski from just across the river: Zack Ryder.

Only a quick drive from his native land and with his broskis watching from the front row, Long Island Iced-Z came out swinging against Del Rio, who he’s had several matches with over the months. The Ultimate Broski drew on his experience to put an early hurting on The Essence of Excellence, pounding the former WWE Champion with forearms and locking him up in a headlock. Del Rio found his rhythm quickly, though, stringing Ryder up in the ropes and unleashing an enziguiri on the back of the “Internet Champion” that swung the momentum of the contest back in his direction. Del Rio continued to work on Ryder’s back and arms, hitting the “Internet Champion” with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and landing a second enziguiri on Ryder’s arm.

Long Island Iced-Z would not be felled quite so quickly, though, escaping from each of Del Rio’s pinfall attempts and withstanding The Mexican Aristocrat’s vicious submission attacks before sending Del Rio over the ropes and creating separation to catch his breath. The respite was enough to get Ryder back in the match, but Del Rio was ready when Ryder unleashed the Broski Boot, dodging the kick and rolling The Ultimate Broski over into the Cross Armbreaker, forcing him to submit and sending Del Rio home happy.