Rey Mysterio膝盖的大限将至,这种不愉快随时会发生。

一个正派的Alberto Del Rio!你敢想象吗?但如果要撑起整个拉丁市场的话,必须只能是一个正派。我很矛盾啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊~~~

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目前至少有一些讨论让Alberto Del Rio转为babyface。WWE官方非常希望有一名顶级的 西班牙语babyface。感觉上Rey Mysterio不会有很长时间了,而Sin Cara距离官方的预期还 有很长距离。;=8882398

Big Update on Alberto Del Rio, Major Character Change Coming?

By Sharon Glencross (Featured Columnist) on December 13, 2012

At present, former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio appears to be badly floundering.

With his long-running feud against Randy Orton coming to an end (a program only notable for the fact that Orton handily won most of their matches), he seems to be adrift right now, floating from one meaningless bout on television to another.

He’s also been placed in a rather random romance angle with Rosa Mendes. Yes: It seems that Del Rio has grown rather fond of the WWE Diva in recent times, even sending her love notes (via Ricardo Rodriguez) and valiantly promising to be there for her if she ever needs him. How cute.

So, where is his career going? Well, in this week’s (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gives an intriguing update on the star, noting that there is currently talk of a character change for the long-time heel: “There is at least some talk of turning Del Rio face.”

Meltzer goes on to explain the reasoning behind such a move:

They badly want a Hispanic babyface. Quite frankly, anyone with any clue as to marketing now and even more going forward would think such a person is necessary. The feeling is Mysterio isn’t going to be around forever and he takes time off and is far from an office favorite. Sin Cara was the guy, but the bloom is way off his rose.

While Del Rio is incredibly stale as a heel, it remains to be seen whether he could get over with fans as a good guy. Indeed, his whole act (having a personal ring announcer, coming out in fancy expensive cars) screams “arrogant heel.”

He could drastically change his gimmick, of course. But during his time in WWE he has shown a stubborn unwillingness to stray out of his comfort zone, usually sticking to his bland one-dimensional promo style.

Does he have the performance range to be a babyface in the company?

Aparentemente WWE estaría pensando en convertir a Alberto del Río a Babyface

13 diciembre 2012 por superdavid1994

Al parecer han existido algunas conversaciones acerca de convertir a Alberto del Río a babyface. Los funcionarios de la WWE quisieran mucho contar con un babyface hispano importante. La sensación sería que Rey Mysterio no va estar para siempre y estaría lejos de ser un favorito de oficina, mientras que Sin Cara todavía no está preparado.

Fuente: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.