By Richard Trionfo on 2012-12-20 00:36:56

Since 2003, the WWE has presented a show for members of the military. This year marks the tenth time that it has happened.

The show starts with comments recorded by Barack Obama. He says our men and women in uniform are the definition of duty, devotion, sacrifice, and strength. He has no higher honor or greater responsibility than to serve as the Commander in Chief of the finest military the world has known. Thanks to their service, the War in Iraq is over and the War in Afghanistan is winding down. He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.

We have a video package showing highlights of the previous Tribute to the Troops shows. John Cena says that he cannot believe that it has been ten years since they traveled to Baghdad for the first Tribute to the Troops. Randy Orton says that he has been overwhelmed by the men and women that they have met. Kofi Kingston says that they say it means a lot to the troops, but Kofi says that it means more to them. Miz says that they are the bravest people. CM Punk says that it made them proud to be Americans.

Kofi says that there is nothing that they can do to equate to the amount of gratitude that they have for the troops. They can do the show to say thank you. Other wrestlers say thank you.

We are in Norfolk, Virginia and your announcers are Michael Cole and John Layfield.

We are back and Alberto Del Rio says that we pay tribute to the troops. He wants to acknowledge his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto says that it is Ricardo’s birthday and he wants everyone to sing Happy Birthday with him.

The song is interrupted by Ryback’s music.

Match Number Two: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) versus Ryback

Del Rio with a kick and punches to Ryback and a head butt. Ryback presses Del Rio over his head and drops him behind him. Ricardo gets on the apron and Ryback grabs him but Del Rio with kicks to the leg and back. Del Rio with kicks and he chokes Ryback in the corner. Ryback with shoulders followed by a running power slam. Ryback sets for the lariat but Ricardo grabs Ryback and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:Ryback (by disqualification)

Ryback with a lariat to Ricardo and then to Del Rio. Ryback picks up Ricardo and gives him the marching muscle buster for a birthday present.

Ryback gets Del Rio and hits the marching muscle buster on him.

The WWE roster comes out onto the stage to applaud the troops.

John Cena gets a mic and he says that it was a great night. He thanks the Muppets, Kid Rock, and Flo Rida. John says that they want to thank the people behind the barricade. The men, the women, the children of the very foundation of America and the reason why we remain the greatest free nation on the face of the Earth. He says that everyone wants to thank the people in the building.

John says that there is one more thing and we see a number of wrestlers leading Santa and his sleigh to the ring. The reindeer are The Usos, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, and Santino Marella as Rudolph.


411’s Tribute to the Troops Report 12.19.12

Posted by Ryan Byers on 12.19.2012

We are TAPED from the Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, one of the great Jim Crockett Promotions venues from a bygone era. Your hosts are Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield and I, of course, am Ryan Byers.

Match Numero Dos: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. The Ryback

Alberto gets on the mic and tells us that it’s Ricardo’s birthday, and he attempts to lead the crowd in singing the Spanish language version of “Happy Birthday.” It’s weird seeing this now, since it was taped before the ADR face turn on Sunday. Ryback’s music interrupts. Feed him more cake and ice cream.

Del Rio gets some fists in at the bell but is quickly press slammed. Ricardo pops up on the apron for a distraction that allows ADR to take back over with boots and the Nash choke in the corner. Ryback powers out of the corner with a running body attack and a Davey Boy Smith-esque powerslam, but Rodriguez runs in and jumps on his back for the disqualification at roughly the ninety second mark. After the bell, Del Rio eats the big clothesline, and Ricardo gets the Shell Shock. Del Rio tries to make a save for his little buddy after the fact, but he’s Shell Shocked as well.

Analysis: This was too short to be anything worthwhile. DUD.