Raw results: The Rock brawls with Punk, Cena survives the cage and Kaitlyn wins big on Raw’s 20th anniversary

BY Anthony Benigno

January 14, 2013

Big Show interrupted Mr. McMahon’s address to the WWE Universe

HOUSTON — Monday Night Raw officially bid its teenage years goodbye in the Lone Star State when the longest-running episodic show in TV history kicked off its 20th anniversary spectacular with an address from none other than The Chairman, Mr. McMahon. Looking spiffy in his suit, Mr. McMahon bade the WWE Universe welcome to Raw’s latest milestone and began to announce the evening’s events — a Steel Cage Match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler among them — when he was unceremoniously interrupted by a most un-jolly giant: recently deposed former World Heavyweight Champion Big Show.

Still stewing over his last-minute title defense against Alberto Del Rio last Friday on SmackDown, The World’s Largest Athlete crassly demanded Mr. McMahon strip The Essence of Excellence of his hard-won mantle. The Chairman remained unbowed, but Del Rio himself wasted no time in making his presence known and even gave Show a chance at a title rematch later in the evening. The giant declined, instead evoking his rematch clause for the Royal Rumble and vowing to take his championship back from Del Rio.

Del Rio wasn’t done, though, as he and Ricardo Rodriguez presented Big Show with a “gift”: a plus-sized spittoon filled to the brim with suspect-looking contents. And despite the giant’s warning to the twosome, 20 years of tradition dictates that when such a bucket is introduced, it must be emptied. Ricardo fulfilled this time-honored duty and dumped the canister’s contents (which turned out to be red, white and green confetti) on the fuming giant, instigating a brawl between Del Rio and Show, kicking Raw’s big 2-0 off on a rather chaotic note.