WWE NEWS: Smackdown SPOILERS 1/18 - very detailed report on Friday’s Smackdown episode featuring Del Rio’s “fiesta”

Jan 16, 2013 - 1:07:44 PM

WWE Smackdown TV taping report January 15, 2013 San Antonio, Tex. Report by Derek Sanders

Smackdown SPOILERS 1/18

Smackdown opened with Del Rio’s “fiesta.” The ring is decorated with red, white, and green balloons and ring curtains. Inside is the red carpet with a Mariachi band and a Flamenco dancer. The Latino crowd was really into the band and dancer. There was a small pop for Ricardo Rodriguez as he brought out Del Rio. Del Rio didn’t have a car again and was dressed in a white suit. Del Rio talked about how he was ready to party, but didn’t get much mic time before being interrupted by Dolph Ziggler (Big E. and A.J. in tow). Not much heat for Ziggler as he made his way to the ring. Ziggler reminded Del Rio that he may thing he’s won the World Title, but all he’s really gained is a target on his back because he can cash in his MITB case at any time. He threatened to have Big E. drop him right now, to which Del Rio said “Bring It On.”

Big Show’s music then hit. Still little heat. Ziggler then stated that Del Rio is pretty outnumbered right now. Cue Sheamus’s music. Sheamus stated he wanted to come out and help Del Rio with this numbers situation. He also stated he wants to make amends with Del Rio over everything they’ve been through, including the last time they were in San Antonio and he stole his Ferrari. Sheamus offered to be the bouncer for this Fiesta, but Del Rio said he doesn’t want a fight…okay maybe a little.

Before a brawl could ensue, Booker T’s music hit and he broke it up. He pulled a Teddy Long announcing tonight’s Main Event will be a Tag Match between Del Rio & Sheamus and Ziggler & Big Show. Booker then kicked the heels out of the ring and re-kicked off the party including a Spin-a-rooni and Sheamus dancing with the Flamenco girl.

Main Event time with Show/Ziggler vs. Del Rio/Sheamus. Medium heat for Show. They recapped last week’s title match to which Show just stared at the screen. Medium heat for Ziggler (with Big E. and A.J.).

Commercial Break: Promo for the new Best of Raw/SD 2012 DVD.

Back from break, they recapped Monday’s cage match between John Cena and Ziggler. Big pop for Sheamus, but still only a decent one for Del Rio. Again no car for Del Rio, so I guess WWE is moving away from that. Despite the mediocre pop, the Latino crowd was behind Del Rio for most of the match, shouting things in Spanish that I didn’t understand.

(6) World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus beat Big Show & Dolph Ziggler via count-out. The match opened with Del Rio and Ziggler, who both had some really good spots together. Big E. attempted interference when Del Rio was on the outside, but was fought off. The ref saw this and tosses Langston. A.J. went nuts and climbed into the ring to yell at the ref. She’s tossed. The rest of the match was pretty good. I like the change of pace that Show/Ziggler created as a team. Highlights included a big slam from Show and a second rope splash from Show on Sheamus. After a nearfall, Show attempted a second one, but Sheamus rolled out. Sheamus tagged in Del Rio and the crowd was really getting behind it, but it seemed like it was more in reaction to Rodriguez’s cheerleading on the outside. It makes you wonder how much worse this face turn would be if Del Rio were forced to stand on his own. Del Rio hit a big kick on Ziggler and got a nearfall. He locked in the cross-arm, but it was broken up by a leg drop on Show. Sheamus came in and hit the White Noise on Show (very impressive) to cause him to roll out of the ring. Del Rio then brought back the bucket from last week, but this time it actually had water in it. Show left and the team lost via count-out (Ziggler had also rolled out of the ring as some point, but it seemed like the ref was counting out Show, despite Ziggler being the legal man). Red, white, and green balloons fell from the sky as the crowd celebrated the face’s win.

Post-show: Ziggler re-entered the ring to be hit with the title belt by Del Rio. Sheamus then hit the brogue kick to send everyone hope happy.

Overall, the show seemed lackluster. I was very disappointed in the crowd reaction, but I think had they given the heels promo time, it would have gotten more heat. It seemed like the whole show was trying to pander to the Latino crowd and it wasn’t very successful.

Biggest Pops:

  • Sheamus
  • Orton
  • Del Rio (eventually)
  • Kofi
  • Miz

Most Heat:

  • Ziggler
  • Show
  • Rhodes Scholars
  • Cesaro
  • Shield (during their promo)

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SPOILERS WWE SmackDown Results For This Friday

By Raj Giri January 15, 2013

Thanks to Branden Dross (@branden_dross) for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in San Antonio, TX:

The show opens up with Del Rio Fiesta. Alberto Del Rio got a small pop coming out, they’ll probably dub that. Dolph Ziggler interrupts the party. The Big Show comes out as well, and then Sheamus. This sets up a tag match for later tonight, with Ziggler and Big Show vs. Del Rio and Sheamus.

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show.


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