SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Jan. 18, 2013

BY Michael Burdick

January 18, 2013

Will Fiesta Del Rio become a giant affair?

Monday on the 20th anniversary of Raw, Big Show invoked his rematch clause to face the new World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio at the Royal Rumble. But the real shock came when the Mexican champion chose to humiliate his No. 1 contender by throwing confetti on his enormous challenger.

It’s worth pointing out that back when Sheamus chose to poke the bear the same way Del Rio is now apparently doing, it ended up working in The World’s Largest Athlete’s favor once the World Title was on the line. Will Del Rio suffer the same fate?

And in light of the grand announcement of a “Fiesta Del Rio” tonight, will the furious giant look to get payback nine days before their pay-per-view showdown.