Raw Five-Point Preview: Jan. 21, 2013

BY Anthony Benigno

January 20, 2013

Big mistake?

New World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio hasn’t exactly taken the high road since defeating Big Show for the prestigious title two weeks ago on SmackDown. In fact, The Essence of Excellence has kind of been rubbing it in the giant’s face, dousing the big man with confetti and water in equal measure and generally seizing every opportunity to celebrate his triumph. All this isn’t to say we blame him — quite the contrary. But Big Show tends to come up biggest when his back’s against the wall, and particularly when his skills are being called into question (see: Cody Rhodes, WrestleMania XXVIII and the Intercontinental Championship). Del Rio won his title fair and square in what was, frankly, a classic match, but if he wants to keep it past the three-week mark, he might be wise to stop baiting the giant.