SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Jan. 25, 2013

BY Jake Grate

January 25, 2013

Will Big Show launch a preemptive assault on Del Rio before Sunday’s showdown?

There is no love lost between World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and his irate No. 1 contender Big Show. If it wasn’t enough that Del Rio captured the giant’s illustrious championship gold, Del Rio has made constant attempts to humiliate the giant ever since, causing their rivalry to grow more and more bitter by the moment. With their World Title Last Man Standing rematch at Sunday’s Royal Rumble looming, The World’s Largest Athlete could very well be rapidly reaching his breaking point, as he displayed by decimating Zack Ryder on Raw.

Last week’s “Fiesta Del Rio” left Big Show all wet, so a dangerous and embarrassed giant may be looking to be the “last man standing” not only on Sunday, but also on Friday night.