Ricardo Rodriguez Talks First Meeting Del Rio, Being A Face, If He Will Be In The Royal Rumble, More

By Raj Giri January 26, 2013

Smacktalk Radio Live aired their Royal Rumble preview episode yesterday and had a chance to speak with WWE’s own Ricardo Rodriguez on a variety of topics. Here are some highlights:

Ricardo Rodriguez on the first time he met Alberto Del Rio: “It was actually that day he debuted, that was the first time I met him. I knew who he was before because I’ve been a huge wrestling fan for most of my life. I didn’t recognize him at first because of the mask, but once I found out who he was I thought it was awesome because I had done so many shows back in California with his uncle Mil Mascaras….but I didn’t meet him until that day…and that was nerve wrecking for me because it was my first time in a WWE event and I had just kinda been picked up for it….it was also the first day I met Vince.”

On the fans cheering him and Alberto now as opposed to booing: “Since in the company, we’ve been bad guys so it’s pretty much all we knew…but this transition has been interesting because it’s not something we asked the fans to do, they started applauding, they started cheering…It started slowly by our crazy antics or Del Rio’s crazy wrestling ability, the crowd started turning and cheering for us, it’s been interesting because it isn’t something we’ve asked the crowd to do.”

On his favorite Royal Rumble moment: “I’m going to be totally full of myself, last year when I was in it. The car, the reaction of the crowd and being in there with Mick Foley which is awesome and Santino giving me the wedgie…also when Del Rio won the Rumble in Boston.”

On whether he will be in the Royal Rumble on Sunday: “Well it’s up to the boss, I mean if he lets me I would love to. If Del Rio lets me partake in the Rumble I would love to be a part of it. I think I have to one-up myself and get two eliminations this time as opposed to one.”

You can listen to the interview in it’s entirety at smacktalkradiolive.com