Detailed Royal Rumble Fan Fest Report (w/ Videos): Sheamus & Kofi In Action, Ryback, NXT Tourney

By Raj Giri January 27, 2013

Thanks to reader Rainet Lewis for sending in this report for yesterday’s Royal Rumble Fan Fest (videos courtesy of Angelwwefan25):

Justin was acting like he couldn’t speak anymore as the announcer. He introduced the fans to Albert Del Rio’s personal announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo asked the fans, “How are you doing Phoenix?” The crowd went crazy, and they were happy to see him. Ricardo introduced the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in Spanish. Alberto went around the ring hi-fiving the fans. Alberto went inside the ring and the fans chanted his name. Alberto told the fans “thank you,” and that he was happy to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. He also told the fans that he will walk out of The Royal Rumble with the World Heavyweight Championship. At the end, Alberto thanked the fans again and said he will see them at the Royal Rumble. Ricardo and Alberto went out of the ring to sign autographs and take pictures.

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