Raw results: The Rock brings the reign, and Brock Lesnar brings the pain on Raw Roulette night

BY Anthony Benigno

January 28, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Big Show’s Body Slam Challenge descended into chaos

It appears Alberto Del Rio will not be getting his Hogan-Andre moment on Raw Roulette. Destiny has smiled on The Essence of Excellence of late, but chance turned its back on the World Heavyweight Champion one night after he retained his title by way of duct tape at the Royal Rumble when he landed a Body Slam Challenge against Big Show. As it turned out, The World’s Largest Athlete was in no mood for games or contests of any kind, targeting Ricardo Rodriguez and then KO Punching Del Rio when the champion interfered on his compadre’s behalf. Show then continued his assault by duct-taping Del Rio to the ropes and mauling Rodriguez while Del Rio watched helplessly, felling Ricardo with a KO Punch before administering a second shot to the champion’s jaw, leaving both men in ruins.