Raw results: Lesnar strikes “Miz TV”; Cena and Co. fend off The Shield’s latest attack

BY Anthony Benigno

February 04, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes and called out Big Show

Hell hath no fury like Alberto Del Rio, who apparently wasn’t remotely done with Big Show after attacking the giant in the parking lot last Friday on SmackDown. Still stewing over Big Show’s mauling of Ricardo Rodriguez last week, The Essence of Excellence was still hungry for payback one week later … but first came the matter of Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes faced Del Rio in singles competition and gave the World Heavyweight Champion a struggle from the get-go, looking to bounce back from his loss to John Cena the previous week. Unfortunately, while Cody may well be “Groomed For Greatness,” chance was not in his corner against The Essence of Excellence this night. Although Cody came out swinging against Del Rio and even landed a wicked Disaster Kick on the champion’s chin, Del Rio rallied and forced Rhodes into submission with the Cross Armbreaker.

With Rhodes dispatched, Del Rio next demanded Big Show be brought before him so the giant could answer for what he did to Ricardo, but The World’s Largest Athlete was prepared. No sooner had Del Rio demanded the giant’s presence than Big Show appeared on the TitanTron via satellite, safe in the comfort of his hotel room, ostensibly to stop himself from tearing Del Rio apart. Del Rio attempted to tantalize Show with the revelation he had a contract drawn up for a World Title Match at Elimination Chamber, and all Big Show needed to do was show up and sign the papers. The giant wouldn’t have it, though, refusing Del Rio’s offer and demanding the deal be sent to him instead.

Of course, Del Rio would eventually do just that, sending a courier to the giant’s hotel room with contract in hand. Once pen had been put to paper, Del Rio made his move and struck The World’s Largest Athlete in the halls of the hotel itself, bashing the giant with a fire extinguisher as an opening salvo on the road to their rematch