SPOILERS For This Week’s WWE SmackDown

By Marc Middleton | February 05, 2013

Thanks to Harold for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Jacksonville:

Big Show is shown arriving on his bus. He comes to the ring and cuts a promo, announcing that Alberto Del Rio is suspended. Show blames Booker T for what happened and out he comes. Show vs. Kane is announced.

Alberto Del Rio is outside in the parking lot and he’s taken the wheels off Show’s tour bus. Show comes to the parking lot but gets a bunch of paint dropped on top of him from the roof. Del Rio laughs and drives off.



By Ted Linney on 2013-02-05 23:34:04

They did an angle with Booker and Big Show explaining the suspensions of Alberto and Ricardo that you wrote about.

After Smackdown:

Alberto was called out by Big Show. They brawled and Alberto laid him out with a chair!

It was a fun show!


WWE Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 02.05.2013

Big Show was shown arriving in his bus after being told by his driver that the coast is clear. Show came to the ring and complained about the fans’s double standard. “Because I’m not popular, it’s fair to attack me?” Show said we’re cheating a criminal in Alberto Del Rio. “When you’re popular, you can do anything you want to. I just don’t get you people. You call ME a bully and a bad person?” he said.

Show announced to the crowd that Del Rio was suspended. He held Booker T accountable because is jealous of Show’s accomplishments, ability, wealth, and career longevity. Booker interrupted to a great live reaction. He accused Show of being a bully toward Ricardo Rodriguez and the fans. But, Show accused Booker of feeding Del Rio his hotel information to attack him during Raw.

Booker said he treated all Superstars equally, and the fact that he suspended Del Rio is proof of that. But, Show again asked, “Who gave Alberto my hotel details?” Booker avoided the question and informed Show that he would face Kane tonight.

(3) Big Show beat Kane with the WMD in quick fashion.

Post-match, Del Rio was shown in the parking lot. He told Big Show that he made some changes to Show’s tour bus and invited him backstage to take a look. Big Show arrived in the parking lot to find his bus on blocks, wheels removed. As Big Show lamented over the bus, Del Rio poured a bucket of orange paint off the roof onto Show’s head. Del Rio drove off as Show hollered in anger.

Post-taping, Big Show called out Del Rio. Del Rio obliged and met him in the ring for a slugfest. Del Rio capitalized with a chair and sent Show reeling to the back. And, that’s all for tonight.

Overall, what a marathon taping. The flow of the show was off tonight. There were literally five-minute breaks between each segment and pointless video packages throughout. There’s no need for that during a Smackdown taping. There was no opportunity for the crowd to pick up any steam and the mood in the arena was pretty flat throughout.


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