WWE.com to Brisco Brothers: “What’s the Damage?"

BY Michael Burdick

February 10, 2013

On the Feb. 8 edition of SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio gave an unwelcomed facelift to both Big Show and his bus. Humiliation aside, it’s possible that The World’s Largest Athlete could feel whole again for the price of a giant bar of soap. But buying new tires for such a large vehicle? Getting a rushed paint job in time for WWE Elimination Chamber on Feb. 17? Fixing his super-sized ride could prove a lot more costly.

Always eager to help, WWE.com has provided the mountainous Superstar with an idea of what he might be in for. We asked WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco and Brisco Brothers Body Shop Inc. in Tampa, Fla., to give us rough estimates on some of the most famous automotive bash-ups in WWE history.


Damage when Edge destroyed Alberto Del Rio’s luxury car at WrestleMania XXVII

  • Windshield: $750
  • Fix body (various scrapes along the side, trunk, hood): $8,000 (Brisco: “When you’re doing paint jobs on a car like this, you can’t take shortcuts. You need the most elite painters in Tampa and probably 10 coats of paint on the body damage alone.")
  • Side windows (3): $1,050
  • Elbow indentation on roof: $800
  • Boot indentation on door: $800
  • Getting out that Rated-R Super Smell: $375
  • Replacing missing crowbar: $0 (Brisco: “Just put Christian in the back seat and call it a day.")
  • Estimated Total Cost: $11,775


Damage when Alberto Del Rio’s car hit Big Show in May 2011

  • Replace front right wheel /shocks: $11,000
  • Minor damage to undercarriage: $600
  • Removal of giant knee indentation from steering column: $12,000
  • Oil change: $100 (Gerald Brisco: “The World’s Largest Athlete will certainly do damage to the oil pan.")
  • Estimated Total Cost: $23,700