Raw results: The Elimination Chamber fills out and Punk makes his biggest power play yet

BY Anthony Benigno

February 11, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Damien Sandow

So what does Damien Sandow think of Nashville? Well, needless to say, he kind of hates it. The Enlightened One preluded his contest with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio with an extensive sermon on the Music City’s many supposed deficiencies, specifically its infatuation with songs about “dead dogs, broken-down pickup trucks, and overly sensitive ignoramuses such as yourselves getting their hearts broken … shameful at best.”

Sufficiently riled up by the mere fact that he was in Nashville, Sandow came out appropriately aggressive in his bout with The Essence of Excellence, busting out an early Elbow of Disdain in a breathtaking opening flurry against the World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio countered quickly, though, turning the tide almost immediately against The Intellectual Savior of the Masses with a jaw-rattling superkick before applying the Cross Armbreaker to force Sandow into submission. De nada.