World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show

BY Bobby Melok

February 17, 2013

NEW ORLEANS— Alberto Del Rio overcame the monstrous odds stacked against him, defeating Big Show once again to retain his World Heavyweight Championship by forcing the giant to tap out to the Cross Armbreaker.

Dressed in red, much like a bullfighter, Del Rio had to deal with an angry Big Show charging at him from the opening bell. The giant challenger trapped the champion in the corner and dropped him with a series of devastating blows.

Del Rio had to rely on his quickness to counter the giant in the early goings, evading him before catching his massive leg and striking the giant with kick after kick, before Big Show took control back with a king-sized spear. The World’s Largest Athlete used his size to his advantage, crushing the champion with his 441-pound frame.

The champion showed flashes of hope throughout the contest, even trapping Big Show in the Cross Armbreaker before the giant reached the ropes. The Mexican Superstar was able to reverse a powerbomb attempt and send the giant crashing to the arena floor before diving through the ropes to take Big Show off his feet.

It looked as though Big Show had the contest and the championship wrapped up after a chokeslam, but Del Rio valiantly kicked out at the last possible second. The champion got back on the offensive, sending a dazed big show to the canvas with a huge enzuigiri.

The World’s Largest Athlete fought out of another submission attempt, lifting Del Rio up from the canvas and slamming him down hard. The giant was distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez, though. He ripped the metal bucket from the hands of Rodriguez and taunted the ring announcer after tossing him to the floor.

But that gave Del Rio the perfect opening. As Big Show held the bucket next to his head while taunting Rodriguez, Del Rio leaped up the ropes and kicked the bucket into the giant’s skull, dazing the challenger. The World Heavyweight Champion followed up with several more kicks, bringing the giant to his knees. That left him open for one more Cross Armbreaker, which forced Big Show to tap out.

With the giant slain, the Mexican Superstar can now set his sights on The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania 29, where he will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the winner of the brutal Elimination Chamber Match.