By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-18 12:45:54

The announcement video opened with Rock doing a promo talking about how special winning at the PPV last night was. He put over CM Punk as a great champion.

Alberto Del Rio talked about how he beat The Giant and how he has no issues with Jack Swagger. You know that is going to changed.

Kaitlyn talked about defending her Divas Title and how she was drained. She is going to celebrate with some peanut butter or maybe go to Chilis.

Miz talked about giving Antonio Cesaro a few shots to the groin.

They had Zeb and Swagger on next. They will be delivering a Presidents’ Day State Of The Union speech.

Dolph Ziggler complained about not being on The Elimination Chamber. They asked Big E about killing Kofi. He said he had his fun. That is all we need to know.

Alberto Del Rio joined Matt Striker and Josh Mathews, who were playing hosts. Alberto talked about how he is going into WrestleMania as the World Champion. Striker asked ADR if he was worried about Ziggler cashing in. ADR is not.

Finally, the press conference started.


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