WWE Live Event Results From College Station (2/23) - Did Undertaker Appear?, Swagger In Action, More

By Raj Giri February 24, 2013

WWE Live Event Results From College Station (2/23) - Did Undertaker Appear?, Swagger In Action, More Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader R. Stevens for sending in these results from tonight’s WWE SmackDown live event at Reed Arena, Texas A&M; in College Station, TX:

Main Event - Fans Voted No DQ stipulation over the 2 out of 3 Falls.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show. Solid reaction, for Roberto Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio, they introduced Texas A&M; Football Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. Big reaction from fans. Del Rio is over big with most of the fans. Big Show interrupted Coach Kevin Sumlin getting an honorary Heavyweight Championship. Lots of heat, Big Show definitely played it up. Ran down fans including “You fans can’t even chant ‘Big Show Suck’ properly!” Well done and true. Sign Guy Army guy lead a “You Tapped Out” Chant. Show is huge, intimidating. Regular match from them, Big Show grabbed Coach Sumlin’s steel chair and then had it used on him by Del Rio. Si, Si, Si chants at points. Kevin Sumlin chants. Del Rio was good at pumping up the crowd. Del Rio won by knocking out Big Show with belt after distraction from Roberto Rodriguez. 16 minutes

Crowd enjoyed the show, almost 3 hours total. Crowd was stoked for a Undertaker appearance after Waco last night; alas it didn’t materialize. I was looking forward to Mark Henry continuing to bring the pain.

Biggest Pops Randy Orton Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez & Coach Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M;) Miz Brodus Clay Layla

Most Heat Damien Sandow Jack Swagger w/Zeb Big Show Cody Rhodes Fandango


Another Set Of Results From Tonight’s WWE Event In Texas: Coach Interferes In Title Match, Zeb, More

By Raj Giri February 24, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Luke Lyons for sending in these results from tonight’s SmackDown live event in College Station, TX:

Main Event – Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big Show. Fan Interactive – Voted No DQ Match for the Title

Ricardo comes out and introduces Del Rio with a huge pop from the fans in attendance. Del Rio cuts a promo to the home crowd and tells them that he has a friend that he wants to bring to the ring. Texas A&M; Football head coach, Kevin Sumlin, makes his way to the ring. Ricardo is holding a title belt in its zipper bag and Del Rio finally states that from one champion to another, he would like to present him with an honorary World Heavyweight Title. Sumlin begins to talk when Big Show’s music comes over the speakers. Big Show then goes on to cut a promo about how Sumlin is mediocre and that he coaches for a second rate university and the boos have never been louder. Show asks Sumlin to sit ringside and watch a true champion in action. The match begins and there is a constant back and forth before the No DQ comes into play. Del Rio hits Big Show with multiple chair shots and then repeated blows with the kendo stick. He then introduces a table and it appears show is going to power bomb Del Rio through the table that was set up in the corner, but Del Rio counters by spinning out of it and Show goes through the table. Big Show then hits a chokeslam later in the match, but Del Rio kicks out at two. A “Beat the Hell Outta Big Show” yell erupts in typical Aggie fashion. Another table is introduced to the match and it appears show is going to jump from the turnbuckle onto a motionless Del Rio on the table, but Ricardo comes in and hits Big Show in the head with the metal bucket that he has been carrying to the ring. Finally, Texas A&M;’s Coach Sumlin gives Del Rio his honorary title belt and Del Rio connects with Big Show’s cranium. Game, Set, Match.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio (assisted by Sumlin and Rodriguez)


WWE Smackdown House Show Results 02.24.13 - College Station, Texas

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 02.25.2013

Alberto Del Rio beat Big Show in a No DQ match to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez. After Ricardo and Del Rio got to the ring, they talked up being at Texas A&M; and brought out head football coach Kevin Sumlin. Obviously, the biggest pop of the night. They gave him an honorary title. Sumlin talked about how people said A&M; wouldn’t do well in the SEC just like how some people talk about Del Rio. He said some people need to show respect.

Big Show’s music hit to loud boos for interrupting. Show got heat by talking bad about A&M; being second rate just like Del Rio. Sumlin headed out of the ring. Great back and forth no DQ match. A couple of good near falls, both hit their big spots. Del Rio got the win when Sumlin slid the belt in to hit Show. Sumlin, Del Rio, and Ricardo celebrated and the crowd went home very happy.

A little disappointed that Taker didn’t show, but the Sumlin thing was great.

Biggest Pops: Orton Sheamus Del Rio Brodus

Most Heat: Big Show Swagger Sandow Fandango


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