SmackDown Live! report for 3/3/13

markyb86 | TV/PPV Reviews | March, 04 2013

Hello again, it’s MarkyB86 with a SmackDown Live! report from Cleveland, OH (The ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA TOUR).

Please forgive my terrible writing, I’m a designer, not a writer!

Matt striker was doing ring announcing the entire night.

The Main event is announce a Last Man standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio.

This was short but fun match. A lot of Del Rio running away and Big show catching up and slamming him, but Del Rio managed the upper hand. First Del Rio gets the kendo stick from under the ring and goes to town on Show. Show stops him from using it and Ricardo Rodriguez steals it and goes to the opposite side of the ring. Later on in the match ADR gets out a table, but Big Show doesn’t let him use it. The two go back in the ring (with the table still outside, set up.) and Show winds up eating a kick to the face and falling through the table. This only gets a 9 count from the referee. Another table is in play. This time it gets set up in the corner. Show tries to spear ADR through it but ADR dodges, and hits an enziguri on show, sending him through the table. ADR folds the broken table over Show, stands on top and holds the ropes to keep Show down. Your winner and still W.H. Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

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