Raw results: The Undertaker rises again and CM Punk punches his WrestleMania ticket

BY Anthony Benigno

March 04, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

With Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter watching, Alberto Del Rio showed his muscle on “Old School” Raw in a mighty row with Wade Barrett, notching a gritty win against the battle-hardened Intercontinental Champion. Del Rio’s finesse matched up well against Barrett’s own blunt-force battle plan, each Superstar rattling the other with shots to the body and kicks to the head that reverberated throughout the First Niagara Center. It was Barrett who was sent to the showers, however, when Del Rio dodged the Winds of Change and plied the Cross Armbreaker to his foe, putting Barrett to rest and sending Jack Swagger a message that he will not be muscled into defeat anytime soon.


Jack Swagger attacked “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes

Even his mighty two-by-four and signature gung-ho spirit wasn’t enough to propel WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to a victory on “Old School” Raw. Duggan went up against the surging Jack Swagger and found himself besieged by a furious Swagger when the No. 1 contender decided to take matters into his own hands. Swagger’s contest against “Hacksaw” had barely even begun when the former World Heavyweight Champion grabbed hold of Duggan’s famous two-by-four and went to town on Duggan, as well as the two Hall of Famers who accompanied him to the ring, Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes. As the three lied strewn around him, Swagger gestured toward the WrestleMania sign, sending a silent and macabre message to World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

A message, apaprently, that The Pride of Mexico recieved all too well, as Del Rio swarmed Swagger in the locker-room area. Del Rio’s attack instigated a drag-down brawl that nearly spilled out of control before a squadron of security guards intervened, holding the champion back from his foe.