By Andy Ackerman on 2013-03-10 11:57:56

WWE Smackdown in LaCrosse, WI.

The arena is 80% full

Tony Chimel announces the main event Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio Last Man Standing match. We are then told to vote whether Ricardo Rodriguez can stay at ringside or he has to leave.

World Heavyweight Championship: Last Man Standing Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

The fans say that Ricardo stays!!! (Whoop-de-doo)

All Big Show to start. They use sticks and steel chairs come into play, as does a table. They prop the table in the corner. Big Show goes for a power bomb and Del Rio reverses into a Rana through the table and big Show doesn’t get up. Del Rio wins. The match was nothing special.

Overall the show was fun.


WWE House Show Results 03.09.13 - La Crosse, Wisconsin

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 03.10.2013

Alberto Del Rio over Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. There was a tweet/text vote for if Ricardo was to be allowed at ringside, which was nice but dumb considering Ricardo’s popularity these days. I believe the tally was 87% voted Ricardo stays. Fairly back and forth match, some good kicks by del Rio and some good slaps and punches by Show. Del Rio got out and used his bamboo stick, Show stole it from him after a few uses, snapped it and yelled “I DON’T NEED IT!” to the fans. More back and forth…chair used by del Rio fairly liberally for about 2-3 minutes. Show kicked the chair as Del Rio was going for another swing, the chair hit him in the face, and we had a stalemate for a bit.

Show took control, crowd chanted “We want chairs!” and Show just yelled at us. Del Rio took back control and got the table out, set it up in the corner, and kicked Show, forcing him to collapse into the table. VERY anticlimactically, Show half-got up at the ref’s “nine” and then collapsed and the match was over. A good match, but too short and not a very good ending. Match Time: probably about 15 minutes, but not incredibly exciting

Notes: One thing I will say is that I was in the front row on a corner and Orton came around after his match and shook every hand and gave every high five within reach of him afterward. Pretty classy act if you ask me, considering his popularity, when a lot of others just went back immediately, like Del Rio. Del Rio gave high fives to those on his way out, didn’t even make a half a lap for shakes and fives. I just thought I’d note the class Orton seemed to have tonight. A very good show as far as house shows go.


WWE Live Event Results From La Crosse (3/9): Randy Orton Vs. Mark Henry, Fandango

By Raj Giri March 10, 2013

WWE Live Event Results From La Crosse (3/9): Randy Orton Vs. Mark Henry, Fandango

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Jesse Kuhn for sending in these results from last night’s Smackdown live event in La Crosse, Wisconsin:

The Main Event was The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio in a last man standing match. Del Rio won when he used a hurricanrana and put Show through a leaning table in the corner.


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