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We are in Fort Wayne, Indiana and your announcers are Michael ‘Ready for a Highlight Reel of Wrestling’ Cole and The Miz.

Before our opening match, Alberto Del Rio addresses the people of Fort Wayne. Alberto says that he has a big smile on his face because he is going to show us something really funny. His opponent at Wrestlemania, Jack Swagger claims to be the only ‘real American’. He tells Jackie that there are a lot of people in Fort Wayne, Indiana and other places in this nation who are from a different country. In the end, we are all made in America.

Of course Jack Swagger’s comments are hurtful and demeaning, but to be honest, they are really funny some times. He wants to show us what he means.

We see the video that aired on last week’s Smackdown and re-aired on Raw.

Alberto says that was funny, but now he has to get down to business because he has a really big opponent. He faces . . .

Big Show makes his way to the ring for the match.

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) versus Big Show

They lock up and Show sends Del Rio to the mat. Show picks up Del Rio and gives him a head butt. Show with a chop across the chest and Del Rio goes to the floor. Show follows after Del Rio but Del Rio gets back into the ring and Del Rio kicks Show while Show is in the ropes. Del Rio with a lungblower to Show and Show goes to the floor.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter make their way to the ramp and we go to commercial.

We are back and Show chops Del Rio across the chest. Del Rio with punches but Show with a shoulder tackle. Showwith an elbow to the arm and Show with an arm bar as he continues to work on the elbow and shoulder. Show uses his weight to work on Del Rio’s arm and then he wraps it in the ropes and connects with an elbow. Show with a wrist lock and pressure on the elbow. Show with a knee and Irish whip but he runs into boots.

Show with a kick and then he sets for a power bomb but Del Rio with a rana followed by a seated splash for a near fall. Del Rio with kicks to Show and then he hits the super kick but Show with a powerful kick out at two. Del Rio tries for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Show picks up Del Rio.

Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker while hanging over the ropes and Show drops Del Rio on the apron and Del Rio rolls to the floor. Swagger clips Del Rio while the referee was dealing with Show and the referee did not see why Del Rio is down.

The referee makes his count and he gets to ten.

Winner: Big Show (by count out)

After the match, Del Rio struggles to get to his feet and he needs Ricardo to help him stay on his feet as he goes to the back.


411’s WWE Main Event Report 3.13.13

Posted by Michael Benjamin on 03.13.2013

Michael Cole and the Miz welcome us to the show from ringside. It looks like we’re cutting straight to the chase, as Ricardo Rodriguez announces Alberto Del Rio. That’s how I like to start an episode of Main Event. Aw, he grabbed a mic.

He says that he’s going to show us something funny before almost botching the name of the town they’re in. He says that while Swagger’s words are hurtful and demeaning, they’re really funny sometimes. He shoots us to… the same video they showed us on Smackdown? K. Here comes the Big Show. Lets get this damn match going.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)

Here we go! These guys are physical right out of the gate. Alberto hits an assisted lung blower off of the second rope as Jack Swagger strolls down the ramp!

Big Show’s delivering the overhand SHH chops to Alberto Del Rio in the corner as we return from commercial break. Jack Swagger’s presence was enough to throw ADR off of his game. Alberto is working over Big Show’s left arm. Show decides that he’s going to target ADR’s left arm as well. He locks in an arm bar of his own as the crowd rallies Alberto to his feet with a Si chant! HURRICANRANA BY ALBERTO! Show kicks out at two! Alberto doesn’t let up and delivers a stomping. He catches Big Show with a HUGE kick to the face for two. He locks Big Show in the cross arm breaker but Big Show lifts ADR up and drops him over the top rope! Sick. Big Show breaks the count by interrupting the ref and Swagger attacks ADR on the outside! The ref ends up seeing and calls for the bell. Weak finish. Other than that though, these two have great chemistry. I’m sure that with another five minutes they could have really delivered a great match. We must make time for The Usos though.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Big Show @ 8:30 via count out


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