Raw results: CM Punk taunts The Undertaker, and Triple H signs a fateful WrestleMania contract

BY Anthony Benigno

March 18, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes; Jack Swagger attacked Ricardo Rodriguez

Heavy lies the crown of the World Heavyweight Champion, and while Alberto Del Rio certainly understands the dangers his championship puts him in, The Essence of Excellence got a harrowing wake-up call when Ricardo Rodriguez found himself in the crosshairs of Del Rio’s No. 1 contender.

Del Rio’s night began on a much more positive note, however, when he went up against Cody Rhodes in a singles contest. The World Champion acquitted himself well in the dynamic, fast-paced bout against the former Intercontinental Champion, countering Rhodes’ fluid offense with whip-fast maneuvers of his own. Rhodes was no slouch either, frustrating Del Rio by withstanding the full brunt of the champion’s offense. But despite his Herculean effort, the “Essence of Mustachioed Magnificence” still found himself trapped in Del Rio’s Cross Armbreaker in what amounted to an ignominious ending to a hard-fought night.

Of course, this was when Swagger made his move, assaulting Del Rio and tossing him in a heap over the announce table. With the champion indisposed, Swagger made his most heinous move yet by trapping Ricardo Rodriguez in the Patriot Lock, unnaturally twisting the ankle of Del Rio’s beloved friend at Zeb Colter’s behest until Ricardo was left writhing in agony. Del Rio eventually got his bearings, but the look on Swagger’s face suggested the damage had already been done.