Jack Swagger非常有可能开大卡车出场,那么Alberto Del Rio呢?我觉得他不会开车,Del Rio的入场可以用人海战术,一大队人以人浪的方式报幕Albertooooooooooo Dellllllll Rrrrrriiiiiiioooooooooooooooo我感觉可以,当然啦,领军主音是Ricardo Rodriguez!因为这样才真的代表“SI THE PEOPLE”体现出PEOPLE CHAMP的风格,如果是各色人种一起来那就更好了!

Backstage News On Booker T, Del Rio’s WrestleMania Entrance, Rosa Mendes Does A Pull-Up

By Marc Middleton | March 25, 2013

While we haven’t seen Alberto Del Rio make his entrance in a fancy car in a few months now, word is that they have a grand entrance planned for him at WrestleMania 29. We’ve noted how Jack Swagger may be driving an 18-wheeler for his WrestleMania entrance.


WWE News: Big Entrances May Be Planned For Swagger vs Del Rio, Rosa Mendes Does A Pull Up

Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.25.2013

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE plans for Alberto Del Rio to have a grand entrance at Wrestlemania 29 for his match against Jack Swagger. Del Rio has not driven any of his luxury cars to the ring in several months.

Earlier this month, Jack Swagger posted the following photo and message on his Twitter.

He wrote: “Don’t be surprised if you see me drive this to the ring for Mania!!!