SHOW RESULTS - 3/30 WWE Supershow in Atlantic City, N.J.: Shield vs. Superheroes main event, Team Y2J vs. Team Fandango odd six-man pairings, Battle Royal, Henry-Ryback poor review

Mar 31, 2013 - 2:33:45 AM

WWE Supershow results, March 30, 2013, Atlantic City, N.J.

Report by Chris O’Donnell, PWTorch correspondent

I went to the WWE Supershow at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday night. Decent-sized crowd on-hand, although not close to sold out. Lower and middle sections were packed, and most of the upper decks were empty to scattered, but the crowd was lively and pretty loud. Mostly kids and families. I’d attribute the lack of sell-out/larger crowd to promotion, as I live in Jersey and only found out about the show four hours ahead of time because Roman Reigns tweeted something about it.

The show opened with a battle royal to determine who would face World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio later in the night for the World Heavyweight Title. The participants were Daniel Bryan, Kane, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Wade Barrett, 3MB, R-Truth, and U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro.

(1) IC champion Wade Barrett won a Battle Royal to face Del Rio later in the show. Pretty standard stuff. The finish came when Bryan tried to eliminate Kane and failed, then after some back and forth “Yes!” and “No!” stuff, they hugged, leading to Kane throwing Bryan out. While Kane was celebrating, Barrett threw him over the top rope to win the right to later face Del Rio. Sadly, this was Bryan and Kane’s only appearance on the show, as everyone else was featured later.

(4) World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio beat IC champion Wade Barrett via DQ to retain the World Title. Ricardo Rodriguez came out with his foot in a cast and a crutch, but was barely milking the injury. He actually just walked to the ring without hobbling. The action was decent mixed with a lot of restholds and playing to the crowd with “Si” chants. The finish came when Jack Swagger ran out to attack Del Rio.

Post-match, Miz came out to attack Barrett. Then, Jericho came running out and the place went nuts. The chaos was short-lived as Fandango came dancing on-stage to kill the mood. The crowd was mostly laughing during his entrance, but not in a good way. Vickie Guerrero then came out to set up a six-man tag match.

(5) World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho & The Miz beat IC champion Wade Barrett & Jack Swagger & Fandango in a six-man tag match. (Talk about the oddest six-man tag pairing ever.) I cannot stand Fandango, but I have to admit he’s pretty good in the ring. He really commits to the gimmick, mocking his opponent with dance moves in-between exchanges, and he pulled of a pretty slick-looking variation of a suplex. Jericho then mocked his dance moves to get the crowd going, and the crowd was really behind him. The only problem with the match was stalling. Fandango stalled for a good five minites before tying up with Jericho, then Swagger did the same after getting tagged in, threatening to leave for five minites before coming back. The finish came when Barrett tapped out to Del Rio’s cross Reports 10/article_69625.shtml

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